Did Al Mulock perform in the movie "Twice a Judas"

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There has been speculation regarding Al Mulock played the role of a henchman in the movie ‘Twice a Judas’ he is not credited as being in the movie, I have posted several picks of this character mentioned on SWDB on Facebook, I have also searched the web and some websites have him credited as being in this movie but its not really concrete if it is him or not.
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As far as I know he’s not in the film. I do not have a credit for him in my files for “Twice a Judas”. He had to big a name not to go uncredited as far as I’m concerned.

Have you got a picture of what’s supposed to be him?

Here are a few pictures

hmm, Al Mulock died in 1968, Twice a Judas was released in fall '69. Unless the film was shot already in '68 it can’t be Mulock.

In theory it is possible, since v.c. (n. 52257) is dated 29.08.68 and according to Imdb Mulock is uncredited in C’era una volta il West and I giorni dell’ira too; besides, in the second half of the film the character disappears for no reason.