Der blutige Dollar

Another obscure Austrian lobby card with a made up title, what could it be?

Noch ein obskures österreichisches Aushangfoto mit erdachtem Titel, welcher Film könnte es sein?

The left guy looks like Gaspar ‘Indio’ González :thinking:
Maybe it’s Un Dolar de Fuego. Haven’t seen this one for awile but in this he wears all black

Is the other rider Peter Martell ?

I was just browsing through the Oeste Nevada Joe topic, and I thought the same thing.

Is it maybe La venganza de Clark Harrison, also with Indio Gonzales ?

where can I watch it? @Djangoisme you reviewed this, do you have access to it?

but do you have it and could check if there is a scene that matches the lobby card?

It is not La Venganza de Clark Harrison. It looks to be the film One Dollar of Fire! The younger guy looks like the actor Joaquin Blanco who played Sandy in Dollar of Fire. In that film Gaspar dresses the same, in Clark Harrison he wears a vest and in Joe Dakota, a similar jacket but blue jeans.
I will look for my copy of it tonight!

checked both, my spanish and french version of One Dollar of Fire. I can’t find the same Scene as the lobbycard shows but i’m pretty sure that it is that one; here are the two riders


These hand colorizarions make it so hard to judge it. It does look similar… is the flick available online somewhere?

No it isnt online on youtube and co.
Its a pretty rare one and i also think that all available prints are cut (french one runs only 68 minutes, spanish around 80)

I’d say you’re absolutely right.

Der_blutige_Dollar_001 Dolar_de_fuego_000

Der_blutige_Dollar_002 Dolar_de_fuego_001

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@ostermann43 I think we have a winner