Denn sie kennen kein Erbarmen - Der Italowestern

I just watched tv broadcast version of this spaghetti western document. Lots of interesting stuff and interviews but sadly on the whole it’s just a complete mess. It’s very confusing with bad editing and directing. They constantly go back and forth the sw history which is confusing and irritating. If you already have the basic info about the genre you might enjoy some interviews though they’re mostly fragments from dvd extra interviews so it’s better to see the original interviews. But I can’t really recommend it to beginners. Document fails to make a big picture of the genre, the whole phenomenon. Why were spaghetti’s so popular, how many of them was made, why the genre died out?
They have also included some very strange material (Lanfranchis’ haunted house ???) that has absolutely nothing to do with the subject.

Document also includes some very awkward mistakes. Few examples: They say Morricone did the music for Leone before shooting the film which is of course true in case of OUTITW but they state this when they’re dealing with Fistful of Dollars.
About Cemetary without the Crosses they say Hossein is Michele Mercier’s brother. I can’t remember for sure but I think that their relation is never revealed, I had the impression that Hossein is supposed to be her ex-boyfriend or something like that.
For OUTITW they suggest Frank kills Harmonica’s father.

BUT I have to remind that I’ve watched subtitled version so I’m not sure if the mistakes were in the subtitles and not in original language.

for the avid fan, this documentary is absolutely shallow though… not sure why bruckner chose especially this one to launch the new collection

I think, it’s a nice litle documentary and to the mistakes you mentioned:

I think, they say, that Hossein is Mercier’s former filmpartner.
In the German version of OUTITW you don’t get, that it’s actually his brother, so most people round here think it’s his father…

The things I don’t like about this doc are the movie samples they show us, because when they’re talking about the beginning of the genre they show us clips from the 70s or so…

But it’s always grat to see my heroes in interwiews, to see how they look today.

yeah very superficial stuff. There are better ones out there.