Demofilo Fidani trailers?

Found this forum to be a haven for Demofilo Fidani/Miles Deem info. I’ve seen some of his trailers on Youtube for Western Story, Shadow of Sartana, Ballad of Django, etc., and I know that this is an odd request, but does anyone know of a compilation DVD of Fidani trailers or know what discs have some on it? Would love a fan-made Fidani trailer DVD!

A fistful of trailers (Wild East)
Shoot previews shoot (Global Video)

Thanks for the info! I’ve seen those around, and have to pick them up. Looks like I’ll have to get a few discs to get most of the Fidani trailers. I’ll have to get the Best of Italian Movies trailers Global DVD too to get the insane trailer for Fidani’s Electric Chair… How’s the quality of the Global DVDs, pretty good?

I don’t have them but I’ve heard they have ghosting problems.

Thanks, Silence, I’ll be wary. Shame if that’s the case for their trailer comps., as I wanted to get the Kung Fu ones as well.