Death Rider in the House of Vampires (Glenn Danzig, 2021)

This looks terrible, but I’m intrigued,

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I know what you mean.
Everything is telling me “stay away” and yet…

I love Glenn Danzig’s work as a musician… that is to say, I have loved his work; The Misfits remain my favourite band of all time, and Samhain and Danzig are both right up there too. But, in truth, he hasn’t recorded anything good (and original) in over a decade, and he hasn’t been consistently good in 25 years, and I think it might be late in the day for him to hone his craft as a filmmaker. His 2019 movie Verotika (full disclosure: I haven’t seen it myself so can’t offer any personal insight) currently holds a score of 1.9/10 at IMDb, and the trailer above looks f#cking abysmal, and not even in a so-bad-it’s-good way, but merely in an oh-dear-silly-old-sod-with-his-same-old-tacky-sophomoric-obsessions way.

All that said: I can’t pretend I’ll be busting a bollock trying to seek it out but, if I ever stumble across it, I’ll certainly give it a go. Glenn deserves at least that much from me.