Death Played the Flute - anything similar?

Death Played the Flute is very weird to me but I enjoy it a lot! Are there any films similar in “atmosphere?” If you’ve seen it, I guess you know what I mean… and actually, all Angelo Pannaccio films I’ve seen have bizarre vibes. By now I’ve seen hundreds of spaghettis, so sure, the Fidani/Crea/Bianchi/D’Amato/Batzella clan is somewhat similar (read that losely – the have the same look and low budget, but DPtF is almost has a TV movie look and is just generally weird) so I’m hoping for something from some other directors… Any suggestions are appreciated! THANKS!

Do you mean spaghetti’s only or other westerns too? Because from what I remember about Death Played the Flute I’d say some Mexican westerns like El Tunco Maclovio might be just what you’re looking for.

Adding on from Bill the director of El Tunco Maclovio has also done another interesting one you may like called The Hanging Judge ( El juez de la soga ). Another early 70’s one all about the man in the title who provides his own kind of hanging services so to speak. Creepy film with excellent use of flashbacks.

Awesome, thanks for the suggestions… I’ll look into those films you mentioned! On the topic of weird Mexican westerns, Dead Aim is another.

Edit. I just watched some clips on youtube of both El Tunco Maclovio and The Hanging Judge… both look great. El Tunco Maclovio does seem to have some scenes that are shot very similar to Death Played the Flute. Good stuff!