Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears / Los amigos (Paolo Cavara, 1973)

Absolutely. It’s a real shame. I was surprized to see they had done a movie together and I had yet to see it…now I know why it is so obscure and little known.

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This was actually released by MGM in English speaking territories … and was given the poster and trailer treatment, as though it was a major action adventure film - I remember as a kid it played quite often on UK TV in the 1970s … but it’s a dog alright.


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I’d love to see ‘Deaf Smith…’ released on bluray.

The trailer doesn’t do it justice…the narration sounds like it’s done by someone with nothing better to do…

I’ve only seen it once, on Youtube, about 8 years ago. It was crap quality, but I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time. I remember the interaction between Franco Nero and Anthony Quinn being rather wonderful. After all, we are talking about two distinguished actors at their peak…
When I last viewed it, the magic of the inspired pairing shone through.

The main theme was, and still is, extremely memorable…whether you pick the vocal or instrumental version - both, IMHO - are brilliant. To my mind, it’s a ‘feel good’ theme, and a great way to start the day. :cowboy_hat_face:

This ‘buddy’ film deserves better treatment than it has received on any format… :unamused:

Note: The ‘Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears’ theme is sung by Ann Reid Collin; who also sang the main theme to ‘Shoot the Living, Pray For the Dead’.

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