Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears / Los amigos (Paolo Cavara, 1973)

has anybody ordered from
i want to order the spaghetti western box set with 20 dvds, is this company fast and secure?
i am in the u.s.a

Well they use only couriers for shipping so the package should arrive fast and secure once they actually send it. I have one active order in there and it has been over a week already and they haven’t even mailed me yet what the shipping costs are (you won’t see the cost when making the order [well unless you’re from Spain or somewhere there] they email it to you later and ask if its acceptable).

The shipping costs may be very high… last time it was over 30euros [that’s something like $40 right now] for 3 discs to Finland, and I think Finland is one of the cheapest countries on the couriers list. ;D USA might be on the same level though.

EDIT: Just want to add that the first time they did email me the shipping costs very fast, not sure what is taking long this time.

So anyways if you don’t mind waiting a bit for the shipping cost email and the possible high costs don’t scare you away, I see no reason not to use them. :slight_smile:

-Just watched it again a few hours ago. I like it. Tony Quinn’s sign-language is brilliant. There’s some good irony when Morton’s men know Smith as a deaf/mute agent for President Houston, but they don’t know what he looks like. So he has to pretend to hear when they first enter Austin. Yeah, I was surprised by the unveiling of the gattling-gun, in the 1836-setting, but it didn’t fire a flawless machine-gun. It looked/sounded like they used an authentic model. The kids appearing out-of-nowhere to involuntarily foil the plan to blow-up the ammo-wagons, was a bit awkward. I liked the gunfight in the mine-shaft, with only the antagonists’ eyes exposed during the gun-flashes. I’d rate it above-average, only because no mention was made of President Houston being satisfied with the outcome. That was why they were there.

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it’s more like rip off of companeros which i do not like either
boring and ridiculos at the same time

Liked this one more than I expected to. Quinn and Nero have both been used better of course but it was an OK watch and didn’t out stay its welcome.
A 3 star Spag for me.

I watched this on The Thai release. Good quality, if a little fuzzy in some night scenes. An Ok 70’s western, the final shootout was pretty funny, with Nero and the machine gun.

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To my surprise, it turned out that I had never seen this movie before.
Thought I had, but I must have mixed it up with another one.
Anyway, not bad for for a Seventies spaghetti:

Yes, not more than an acceptable Spagie.
I can understand that it remained comparatively unknown, despite a moderate budget and the 2 stars. It also was the only SW photographed by Tonino Delli Colli apart form his work with Leone.

Various censorship problems for this one, with a rather unusual - for a 1973 SW - VM18 rating (VM14 one month later with six cuts in three sequences).

I was surprised that I liked it. Quinn and Nero are great together, and the segments reflecting deafness were great. Some of the Nero and leading lady theatrics and friend break-up only to reunite were tiresome though.

I was confused by the ending shot though, and had to rewind multiple times to be sure I didn’t miss something. Rather bleak to pre-date City of the Living Dead from Fulci and give it that flourish, seemed out of place.

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A pro-Allende, anti-Pinochet message hidden behind the original title?

“Los Amigos” here could be the conspirators supporting General Lucius Morton…

January 1971:


Viewed a slightly longer version than last time and the best print quality wise I have seen, but alas not widescreen. Like the fact Nero does not play the most clever character, especially in contrast to the other main star…Quinn. My favourite “Buddy” Spaghetti western.

Very enjoyable spaghetti in my opinion. There’s a widescreen print taken from German television. Does anybody have it? I have the Spanish DVD.

Just watched this one and wasn’t keen. I loved Nero and Quinn, and it was well directed with nice music, but the script was poor, it took far too long to get going and when it did it didn’t amount to much. Also agree with Scherp’s review, it just lacks the.magic of many earlier films. Probably the only time I agree with the US critics on a spaghetti western.

Just watched this one again. Enjoyed it as much as the last time. 4/5 stars

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Anybody have a widescreen version?

I have the widescreen, somewhere! It’s the German TV rip with 1.85:1 ratio - sharper picture and better colour than the Spanish DVD, but shorter running time.

finally watched this oddball. Never really gets going, and the script is pretty flimsy at best. Watchable down to Quinn and Nero, but that’s about it. Quinn being unable to communicate also gets a little frustrating at times, though it does lead to some funny interactions between him and Nero. Quite a stale affair altogether.


But that song is still worm holed in my brain and digs its way up from the depths of my subconscious from time to time. :grimacing:


Totally agree…such a missed opportunity having Nero and Quinn together and only coming up with a lukewarm film.