Deadwood poll

I have really begun to be hooked on this show and was wondering what everyone else thinks of it.

Van James

Last nights episode with the street fight was wild when Swearagen’s tough guy tore the eye of his enemy right out of the socket :o

I have not had much chance to watch It sorry.

shouldnt this be on the Greatest TV Western shows,157.0.html

All i can say is


i love it.

it could stand a few more shoot outs , but I’ve not seen this season yet

I’ve only just started watching this show. It has been on sky here which I don’t have so it has taken until now and series one box set to get me started.

I must say, after 4 episodes in, I am finding it quite compelling. The characters are interesting and the setting very wet and dirty which I like. McShane steals the show of course. On this evidence he would have made a terrific spaghetti villain. But the others are all doing a fine job and the storylines are interweaving well.

My one criticism, at the risk of sounding prudish, is that I find the level of swearing a bit gratuitous and after the first couple of times really doesn’t add anything to the piece. I don’t mind swearing, I consider it a very valuable and pleasurable part of our language. But in this context I don’t think it is neccesary to go with it so relentlessly. Not stopping me enjoying the show mind you, but it does mean I have to restrict my viewing to times when everyone else in the house are safely asleep.

I stopped watching this show after 4 or 5 episodes as it turned out to be just a soap opera in the West with lot of unnecessary swearing. I dunno if it got any better then but I already lost my interest.

Over-the-top swearing & not enough shooting. This series could have done with a lot more action & less talking. As mentioned above, this became too much of a soap.
I thought it was pretty good, but could have been way better - a missed oppertunity.

Great show! I watched all three series (shame it’s only three of them! :/) and it’s one of my favorites TV shows (like Band of Brothers or The Sopranos). McShane shows young actors what acting means. Awesome stuff from HBO.

This series could have done with a lot more action & less talking.
I disagree with that. When you have to talk, talk, don't shoot! :P

Ha ha, I like that. :smiley:
And I agree. I have had no problem with it being too ‘talky’ just that the over the top language makes it a furtive viewing experience in a house like mine which is full of kids. This morning was a good example. Thought I’d sneak in an episode but then my 10 year old gets up and I have to switch it off even if she’s not in the room. (That language carries)

It’s a pity because I am enjoying it apart from that. I think the cast is excellent. I’ve already mentioned Ian McShane but the others are also top draw. Great to see Brad Dourif in a prominant role and I will watch Keith Carradine in absolutely anything. I’m only 4 episodes in so I hope it doesn’t get too ‘soapy’ because that would kill it for me, but so far I haven’t found it so.

Phil, i assure you it’s great, it may be extremely mouthy, but it’s also superbly written. (have you got to the bit with Carradine playing cards with the hare lipped character yet?)

They stopped making it because it was too expensive which is a shame.

I found this distracting as well…swearing to the point of overuse. Took away from the rest of the presentation.

Me and the missus got hooked on this excellent show last winter and pretty much watched all 3 seasons back to back. As of now, I think it’s the best tv show I’ve ever seen and I am incredibly bummed it didn’t continue. The whole cast was topnotch. McShane was the best.

In regards to the swearing, on one of the DVD’s full of extras (I don’t remember what season), they talk about why they put that in there… it’s because that’s how a lot of these people really talked.

There were plans to make two feature length movies (for HBO) to wrap up everything. Contracts were signed and all that but it ended up falling through and not happening… Cocksuckers!

Who is the jurk who gave this show 1 star. I own all 3 seasons and it is without a doubt, the smartest, funniest, darkest, violentist(?) show on television. Brilliant! :slight_smile:

I believe the swearing is historically accurate (somewhat). How else would a bunch of disgusting, gross, grimmy old, prospectors and outlaws talk in the most violent town in the west!

Well I just finished watching the last episode of series one and I have to say I thought it was very good. In particular I thought the characters were very strong throughout and far more multi faceted than is usual in a TV show.
I’ll definitely be looking out for series two.

Glad you enjoyed it Phil.

I used to think of McShane as just a regular actor, Lovejoy etc, but his performance in Deadwood blew me away, fantastic stuff, Cocksuckers!

Same here. Outstanding portrayal of a truly complex villain. McShane has gone up vastly in my estimation after seeing the job he does in this.
In fact I think the biggest quality the series has is the depth to all of the characters. There is not a single cardboard cut out, one dimensional character here. All of them are multi layered.

Just got the First Season box set from the missus for my birthday. Can’t wait to get started but like Phil I have young kids about.

[quote=“Tigrero, post:18, topic:336”]Just got the First Season box set from the missus for my birthday. Can’t wait to get started but like Phil I have young kids about.[/quote]That’sgoing to be a problem.

I have all 3 seasons and watched it all. I loved every minute of it. Cutting edge. You need to watch it all with the voice overs and extras.
As for the language, In the real Deadwood there were fines for swearing. This was the orginal western town with there own law, illegally erected on Indian territory. Tombstone it aint. My only disappointment was it needed another season to finish the story. It should have finished at the first fire in Deadwood where two thirds burned down. Yes it’s too raw for the kiddies.
I would like to see HBO do a series on Tombstone. Starting out with the first mine dug and silver strike, and ending with the Earps finally leaving.