Deadlock (Roland Klick, 1970)

Hi… Here I´m again ! asking for some film experience “Deadlock” really don´t know any aka for that, Just read about it´s kind of Leone. I don´t have it. Do anyone knows about it ? The only face most know is Mario Adorf other can´t say that much… Music is Can, is a band ? Please give some information !

Happy New Year

seems to be a german western. never seen it, though

As far as I remember it’s an interesting, strange film. Not really a SW, but very close. It’s actually set in the 70s, but could with a few changes also play 100 years earlier.

I should try to see this one again.

Hi Thanks for the tips… But this story occurs on the wild west or just a now days kind of westerns ? I was at the Eurowestern page, and says:

“After pulling off a bank robbery two bandits meet in a deserted mining town to divide their loot but an old miner tries to steal it from them.”

It seems to be set in the old west… At least to me

deadlock is a very cool movie,
but its not a western

the movie plays in the 70´s so long after there were cowboys walking around!

it a very enjoyable movie with good acters. there is a german dvd release that also has english audio option!

But there are obviously many western motives existing. Especially the Anthony Dawson character in his long duster.

And besides Can is a great rock group.

Hi Look what I´ve found… the trailer:

Just watched it,excellent modern western.
The cast is realy SW style.

I can’t find it available in any shape or form… How did you guys see it?

Hi helu, yes it´s difficult, still havent see !!! Keep informed with Tom, he´s a collector !
cheers !

I must be blind… German Dvd eh… gonna have to find that. I love modern crime and action films that have the western feel. Alfredo Garcia, Way of the Gun, etcetera.

Wow!..Just watched the trailer to this one, and looks pretty interesting.

I’ve wanted this for a while . Some company (Dutch?) called DEEVEEDEE or summat like export it but last I looked it was pretty expensive. I’ve been waiting for the price to come down. Yeah, that youtube clip looks amazin’ and Can are a pretty cool group - used to listen to them when I was a kid.
Weisser’s got a fair review of this film in his Eurowestern book as well.

You can find the German DVD over here:

Go to: Amazon (it’s 22,99 € over there), then go to “9 Angebote”, you’ll find it there for 16,99 €
(I found it even offered for 45 € and the VHS for 99 € !)

Finally got a hold of it. Loved it. Every shot is masterfully chosen. Even when nothing is actually happening the framing is so perfect and intriguing that it’s just great to watch.

The American dvd of this one goes for $6 on eBay

Well I couldn’t find it for that price, but there’s a coupla sellers in the states doing it for $9.99 +pp.
I’m happy with that - less than £7.50 (inclusive) in proper money - so thanks for the tip.
I hope it’s here for Christmas

Just viewed this one.
Slow and deliberate pacing which adds to the unusual atmosphere of the film, and the characters in the film are fascinating to watch.
The music score by Can is great, and wish there had been more music in the film.
Really feels like you are watching a Spaghetti with this one at times, and is quite a stylish little film (with some great looking weapons).

I now have one of the end dialogue pieces in my head ‘‘Where’s the Money’’…

Just bought this one. I am really looking forward to a nice DVD evening…

Hope you like as much as I did.