Dead Men Don’t Count / ¿Quién grita venganza? (Rafael Romero Marchent, 1968)

Since everybody was busy rewatching and re-evaluating this movie, I deceided to do the same

Basically I haven’t changed my opinion, it’s an entertaining, but not great genre entry, uneven, but very lively. Unlike some others here, I never had any problem with Mark Damon, neither with his acting style, nor with his looks. He’s not the greatest actor in the world, but his style fits the genre very well, I think.

For a full report, see my review in the database:'t_Count_Review

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Saw this about a year ago, have re-watched twice: I think it’s great fun, strong violence, high spirits and some sorrow - and pretty top-notch performances by co-leads by Damon and - truly - Anthony Steffens. A B- Plus SW the way I see it.


Anthony Steffen redeems himself again. Thought this one was very entertaining. Neither the plot, nor the presentation are anything to get excited over, but that doesn’t stop it from being a very solid SW. Steffen was much more enjoyable in this, most likely because I thought he and Damon work well together as an older and younger brother type relationship. Super catchy theme too. Might pick up the new blu-ray of this one as I’d like to check out the English track.


Wow! Positive appreciation for Anthony Steffen two days in a row. :laughing: He does surprise on occasion.


I sprung for the Blu-ray, consider it a big upgrade, both picture and audio, from the previous EXPLOSIVE DVD, which was itself quite good.

Is the Blu-Ray image really top notch. I have two copies of the Colesseo DVD… long story but find the PQ pretty good as most Colesseo’s releases are but I am curious if the PQ leap is substantial or just a typical upgrade to hi-def. Can anyone who has both give their opinion?

Blu-Ray is really nice. I had the Colesseo DVD previously and consider it a substantial improvement. Not that the DVD was bad though.

Thanks, might have to double dip then!!!

I watched the explosive media blu ray. I always prefer English audio because it’s more realistic for a western. But it was annoying that the English subtitles didn’t match with the English audio.
I think that’s really unfortunate, because anything else is good about this release.
I think they should have made different subtitles for each audio track.

The movie itself is hard to rate I think. Nothing remarkable and nothing exciting happens. But it’s not bad. It didn’t bother me much.

Have a similiar opinion.

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Let’s see what I can do during a work break some time tomorrow :wink:

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Not on your break, Seb, surely! :joy:

Alright, I had a few minutes just now, so here we go. The movie’s page has been upgraded to the new format. Now we’re looking into filling some of the gaps. Let us know information we can add, pictures we can upload, links to insert etc. or just mistakes to fix.

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That was quick work!

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