Dead Man’s Trail / I död mans spår (Mats Helge Olsson, 1975)

Hi to all, I was searching Cinemaggedon and came across this title, is this influenced by Spaghettis?
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It was a pretty bad one i have to say, but i found it watchable. I don’t think it felt like a spaghetti western, but maybe it was due to Swedish landscapes.

Not seen it but Mats Helge is a bad director, makes Fidani look like Corbucci (wouldn’t go as far as saying Leone ;D)

Terrible film, not to be taken seriously, just an ultra-low budget oddity :smiley:

Mats Helge’s “best” film is The Ninja Mission, not a good film but great fun :smiley:

Haha, i´d say this one is heavly influenced by the spaghettis, but what marks it most is incompetence! It´s a lot of fun though, but probably most of it is lost to non-swedish viewers as it´s the incredibly daft dialogue that makes for most of the laughs… There´s very few horses, instead the hero paddles around in a canoe…! The duel in the end is done pretty ok, but maybe after over an hour of stupidity one accepts anything not crappy as “good”. I must also mention the looong scene where the gang drinks and talks drunken nonsens, it just never ends! This was shot at the western-amusementpark High Chaparall, stiil in existence:
Mats Helge made another western prior to this, Frozen star, but rumour has it the only print got burned (maybe by accident, maybe not…?). The only one i ever heard who has seen it is a newspaper reviewer from the premier in mid-70s, he called it “the worlds worst movie”…
Mats Helges latest work was a tv-film from the 90s, it ends with an exciting cliffhanger and the audience was to phone in and vote if they wanted to see the continuation, must have been quite a blow for “Swedens only professional director” (as he called himself) that the No-votes won!

That’s the only film of his i own, a piece of shit but worth watching for the last 20-25 minutes alone.

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Just watched this ‘movie’. A piece of crap, but not a boring piece of crap; way too much laughable stuff going on. 4,5/10 for me.
Reviewed it here (Dutch):

“knäckebröd-westerns” (crisp bread) is that your own term? :smiley:

We usually say lingon-western (lingonberry) :smiley:

[quote=“Lindberg, post:8, topic:1223”]“knäckebröd-westerns”[/quote] :smiley: ha :smiley: ha :smiley: ha
I have a copy of this film too but I haven’t watched it yet… might be interesting.

Btw, how is the picture-quality of this film on the version you saw?

I have this on a good quality VHS copy, don’t have a DVD recorder right now, but will probably get one eventually.

Just in case somebody is interested? :wink:

Yeah, I made that one up ;D It’s a common bread replacement for the Dutch, and they know it’s Swedish.

I watched a vhs-rip, probably same source, and some Swedish guy subbed it.

As a fan of ‘crap’ films…I will have to search this one out :D.

Btw, here is the old video cover 8)

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Thanks for the cover Lindberg …just found a copy of this one.

If any one here happens to have the vhs release that Lindberg post a scan off and want to sell it, i´m very much after it. Stupid as i am i´d pay quite a few $£:- for a nice one…

Just viewed this one.

Pretty low budget even by my standards. Some moments that are trying perhaps to be funny do not always work all that well for me, but the film does have a sort of style of its own at times.

Like I said, ultra-low budget and not to be taken seriously

Maybe your expectations were too high Ennioo ?

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I think they were Lindberg.

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