DEAD BONES (2008) (short film)

It’s not a “real” spaghetti western, but as we’ll go to Almeria, I thought I could come here to do a little publicity for the short film we are about to shoot next month in Spain and Switzerland.

A mix of western and horror.

DEAD BONES, with Arie Verveen, Frédéric Landenberg and Ken Foree

More infos on our website:


Nice idea and some decent actors. Why not a feature length movie?

Because the short is already quite difficult to pull off. We don’t get money from the cultural affairs here in Switzerland for this project as they don’t really dig this kind of films.

The idea is to develop it as a feature afterwards yes, but I think we have to make a (hopefully) decent short first to try and convince people/producers that we can manage that.

Well, I think it can be commercially fruitful, especially because a little horror is thrown in the mix. Could you tell a little bit about the synopsis?
Anyway, being a European western, I’ve put the movie in the database:
Feel free to alter of course, it’s your movie.

Thanks for the interest.

A bounty hunter is forced to team with his prey as they face some locals with strange and dangerous habits.

It’s only 15-20 minutes, so saying more will spoil it. :wink:

But from March 21st on our website, you’ll be able to see pictures and videos from the shoot.

looks great

work in progress on the set and makeup effects:

Thanks for the info. May I ask what budget you’re working with?

We are working on something like 60-65’000 euros approx. It’s still moving. We did not get the support from the … National Fund for Culture (I guess would be a good translation) so that means almost nobody gets paid on the film. Actors do get something and some technicians (myself and the producer certainly don’t…) do as well. But it’s a very tight budget for what we are doing.

shoot is over...

photos and videos on[/url] and compte-rendus on [url=]www.clap.ch for the french-speaking…

When and where will we be able to see this?

Looks interesting, amigo!
Best of luck!!!

We are now transfering the tapes from HD to miniDV for editing. We plan to finish the film for July if everything goes fine. Then we’ll send it to festivals all around the globe, hoping they like it and we’ll sell the DVD on our site.

Looks great. Would like to watch it.

Some news about our short film…

Editing is almost done, clocking at 17mn without credits.

We are starting the grading this weekend and next month is for sound and music.

Premiere will be in July at the Neuchatel Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland. So far the film is also selected at the Weekend de la Peur in south of France in August and in September in Strasbourg.

I’d love to see this. unfortunately I’m too broke now to go to Switzerland or France… ;-(

Where are you living? hopefully we’ll get selected at a Festival nearby…

south east Germany

do you know of any fantasy/horror/genre film in Germany??

you mean a festival?