Day of Anger / I giorni dell’ira (Tonino Valerii, 1967)

(Yodlaf Peterson) #21

[quote=“Jjp, post:20, topic:158”]the theatre is like an old rundown one…dont know how it is still up but its playing a 16mm print of day of anger.[/quote]where are you?

(Jjp) #22

South Philly

(ENNIOO) #23

I wish I was there !

(seanmallory) #24

Very good! I thought to the Star Wars connection too. ;D
"Scott, join the Dark Side"
“Don’t underdestinate the Force”

Lee just ROCKS. :’( :’( :’(

(Pacificador) #25

Mine’s the Wild East one as well. Fantastic movie.

(Lode) #26

I just watched this flic and have to admit that this is one of the great masterpieces of italian western history. Until nearly the end you cannot rate Talby (great performance by Lee van Cleef), what makes this movie very thrilling and entertaining. Me, never a big Gemma fan, liked the acting of him very much. The story is great and so is the location. And for sure Ortolani’s score - surely one of the best.

BTW: George Lucas must have watched this before creating Star Wars. This Scott/Talby thing reminded me of Anakin(Darth Vader)/Emporer :wink: :smiley:

(Stanton) #27

Must have watched???

(ENNIOO) #28

I like pretty much everything from the actors to the music in this one, even when I used to have the shorter length version I used to enjoy even though you could tell it was missing scenes.

Always good for me watching Van Cleef without one of those ‘stupid’ hair pieces, which he seems to have in so many of his later westerns.

(scherpschutter) #29

First I didn’t have a clue what you meant with this remark, but now I think you interpreted the construction ‘must have watched’ wrong.
I’m not an expert on Star Wars, so I can’t say much about any possible relation between the two movies, but grammatically Lode’s sentence is correct.
In this construction “must” does not render an obligation, so the meaning is not: “he was forced to watch it” but something like “it’s hard to believe he did not watch this movie before making Star Wars” or: “it’s very likely he watched etc.”.

(Bill san Antonio) #30

I’m quite sure Lucas has admitted that Star Wars was influenced by spaghetti westerns.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #31

I’m not sure but the first star wars movie was influenced by Kurosawa’s “The Hidden Fortess”

(Lode) #32

…and by Day of Anger. :wink: sherpshutter is 100% correct :slight_smile: Hopefully it was the thing you didn’t get, stanton (?) Or can I do anything else for you? Thanks for that add, sherpshutter.

(Stanton) #33

Is this a guess “he must have watched it”? Or a speculation?

And I knew that Lode’s sentence was grammatically correct.

(scherpschutter) #34

I guess it’s speculation …

But without kidding: like I already mentioned, I’m not an expert on Star Wars, but I think I’ve read somewhere that Lucas confessed that spaghettiwesterns were among the various influences for the movie (along with, yes, Hidden Fortress). But I don’t remember where I read it, so it might well have been somebody else who said it, or even only speculation or hearsay.

As far as Star Wars is concerned: I must be one of the few people left on earth who has not yet seen the complete series.
I went to the theatre in '77 or '78 to watch the first movie, wasn’t particularly amused by it and never gave the other parts a look.
Recently I hired the original on DVD (and noticed that it had become part IV of the series), thought it was mildly amusing, a lot better than I remembered, also hired the second part and planned to hire the rest of the bunch, but so far I haven’t … Clearly there is no real chemistry between mr. Lucas and me …
So far the series doesn’t feel ‘westernish’ or ‘spaghetti-ish’ to me.

If I got you right this time, you don’t think Day of Anger had any influence on Lucas. If so, you could maybe elaborate this point of view a little to avoid further misunderstandings.
I certainly didn’t want to insult you by suggesting that you misinterpreted a sentence.

(Lode) #35

It is speculation. The storyline seems a little similar… That’S why I thought so.

(Bad Lieutenant) #36

Me neither. Nor do I have such ambitions.

(Stanton) #37

The 1st Star Wars (now #4) is an absolutely boring film.

(scherpschutter) #38

I wrote a little essay on the series in the thread “What great movies did you not like”

(Silver) #39

The group is growing… I’ve only seen Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back (as a kid) and i have no intention of seeing any of the others either :stuck_out_tongue: Never seen any of those damn Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings films either, and again, don’t feel any inclination to.

(Phil H) #40

Having recently received my Wild East edition I thought it was time to watch it with fresh eyes (and in correct widescreen ratio).
I always enjoyed this film (even on crappy fullscreen VHS) but, as always, a quality widescreen print has improved my enjoyment of it even more. I wouldn’t rate it as a top 10 film for me but it probably would make a top 20 if I ever got round to compiling one. (I really should do one I know)
For me, what makes the film stand out from the crowd is that it is a morality tale; a thing you don’t see that often in a genre often noted for its cynicism. Scott travels from bullied underdog to enraged individual but eventually makes a moral choice, choosing the honour of his old mentor over the glamour and potential wealth of his new one. This maka nice change in a spaghetti and I like it.
Gemma plays this part well I think but the show is definitely dominated by Van Cleef in one of his best starring vehicles. Good direction by Valerii and a classic score from Ortolani. It is one to be recommended to any novice without doubt.
As for a rating? I am notoriously tough on such things so have given it 3 stars but it could almost squeeze a 4 on a good day.
Well done to Wild East, by the way. An excellent release which I’m sad to see seems to be out of print again now.