Dates and people project ๐Ÿ“†

This is part of SWDb 3.0 and ties in with some other endeavors.

Goals: Make people info more useful in the SWDb (biographies, trivia, dates, facts, figures) and tie people info more closely together with a) obits b) forum topics that exist on these persons, and c) a master calendar.

Things to do:

  • Fill the master calendar
  • @Tom_B where do your obit texts/bios go? They should probably also go on a personโ€™s category page or dedicated page. What do we do if there isnโ€™t one (maybe because the person hardly even had one direct relation to spaghetti westerns)
  • add pictures, dates, facts, figures, links to people pages and/or categories
  • link to forum topics that exist (for example, that are tons of โ€œRIPโ€ฆโ€ topics)

What else can we think of that needs improvement?