Dates and people project 📆

This is part of SWDb 3.0 and ties in with some other endeavors.

Overall goal: Make people info more useful in the SWDb (biographies, trivia, dates, facts, figures) and tie people info more closely together with a) obits b) forum topics that exist on these persons, and c) a master calendar.

Things to do:

  • Fill the master calendar
  • @Tom_B where do your obit texts/bios go? They should probably also go on a person’s category page or dedicated page. What do we do if there isn’t one (maybe because the person hardly even had one direct relation to spaghetti westerns)
  • add pictures, dates, facts, figures, links to people pages and/or categories
  • link to forum topics that exist (for example, that are tons of “RIP…” topics)

What else can we think of that needs improvement?

Here is a possible “workflow” (order can be changed):

  1. Identify a person (actor, producer, director, etc.)
  2. Add biographical data to the person’s page or category in the database; created it if necessary
  3. Add a non-copyrighted picture, trivia, links and other information, such as a link to a forum topic if one exists.
  4. Add the relevant dates to the master calendar by adding entries there for this person, linking both to the person’s category or page as well as example works the person was involved in.
  5. Ensure that from such works, links point to the person’s category or page.
  6. Check if other content in the database could either be linked to from the category or page, or should link to the category or page. Example: articles about the person; interviews with the person, etc.

Hello! I found this topic through the April 2023 recap. I would love to contribute to the dates and people project, including the master calendar. I am a professor at the University of Oklahoma, and I taught a course on Spaghetti Westerns this spring in Arezzo, Italy. This fall, I will teach about select films of Sergio Corbucci, Damiano Damiani, Giulio Petroni, Giulio Questi, and Sergio Sollima. The workflow described above sounds like a good process, and I am happy to assist, particularly with Questi and Sollima, whose information appears more limited. I appreciate any feedback!

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Hi Christopher. We could give the workflow a shot, but that’s just an idea.
We can do one of two things: You supply me with the info and I put it into the database, or I provide you with a user account for the database and you can enter the changes yourself. Whether you’ve worked with a Wiki before or not, you can’t really break anything, and we can take it bit by bit, test the waters so to speak, and adjust our approach if necessary.


Thank you, Sebastian. Let us start with me supplying information to you this summer, and we can go from there.

HI Christopher, let me know how you want to proceed. We could just start with a handful of info you have maybe for a certain letter, let’s say “A” and I put it up and we talk how it looks or could be expanded.