Das war Buffalo Bill (1965) = Buffalo Bill, l'eroe del far west

(Dirk Brüderle) #1

Wonder why this fine Euro-Western has no release on Blu-ray/DVD? I saw it on german tv-channel Sat1 in the first half of the 90ies. Gordon Scott and Ingeborg Schöner are the stars of the film superior to “Die letzte Kugel traf den Besten” (also 1965) with Rik Van Nutter as Buffalo Bill Cody.




It’s shown often on movies4men channel in the UK - not a great movie in my opinion, but still worthy of an official release :wink:

(The Man With a Name) #4

It would look good on a double feature with Seven Hours of Gunfire.


I thought ‘Seven Hours of Gunfire’ a superior film … because it has a good mix of action and humour … ‘Buffalo Bill, Hero of the West’ takes itself too seriously and therefore becomes laughable, rather than humorous … The English dub actually has one main Indian character speaking with an upper class English accent … which doesn’t help the film’s credibility :wink:

Anyway, next showing on movies4men, Sunday 26th August, 11:35 am

(Søren) #6

It has also had a Danish dvd release. Owned it at one point but not sure I have it anymore.

There is also at least teo cheap collections that contain it:


They probably all look like shit though so a proper release would be welcome of course.

(The Man With a Name) #7

The transfers in the bargain sets are terrible.