Just to warn you guys that Koch media, having lured us into a false sense of wellbeing with all their English soundtracks and subtitles, have treacherously released DER VERMACHTNIS DES INKA with German audio only.
This film was supposed to have come out last December, and early reports were that it was going to have English subtitles or audio. The database page here still claims Italian audio, but that’s wrong too. So either Koch have reneged, or people have built up expectations beyond Koch’s ability to deliver.
Anyway, I’m cured now: No more pre-release ordering from Koch for me. Kiss my ass, you bastards.

hey calm down. there was no other than german audio option on the Last of the Mohikans disc either. kinowelt are probably the only ones who include english audio on their Karl May stuff, the chance that “foreigners” buy these is just too slim to invest thousands of euros in licensing for other language tracks…

I am not angry at Koch for releasing a version of this movie without English audio, or subtitles. I am simply airing my disappointment that pre-release reports, which suggested that it would have English audio or subs, are innaccurate. I am also attempting to warn English-speakers here, what to expect.
The database here claims that the DVD has Italian audio, so that needs correcting. And even Amazon.de from whom I bought the DVD still believe it has an Italian soundtrack.

So where does all this pre-release information come from ? Do people just make it up, or did Koch make an announcement that they were going to supply Italian and English tracks, and have now reneged on the deal ?

I note on the SW board someone is reporting a rumour that there will be ‘a 2-DVD-Set of “Inka” including the alternate Italian version + subtitles’. Don’t you just love rumours ?

My point is that no more will I rely on rumours, hearsay or speculation. Nor will I believe Amazon.de. Nor will I imagine that everything Koch releases will have some sort of English audio or subs just because they’ve done a few like that recently.
In future they don’t get my money till someone here, or on some other SW web board, swears a blood oath that they have a copy of whatever film is under discussion, and can confirm exactly what audio or subs exist.

I’m perfectly calm. But they can still kiss my ass, because I hate being lied to.

i understand the anger, but until you get confirmation about a product you want to buy, you should be careful, especially in the online world, where every idiot (especially me) can put information into amazon.de :wink:
i dont think they purposely lied, maybe they had planned the italian track but did not manage to secure the rights in time for production, happens all the time…

It’s still listed as having the Italian dub at Koch Media’s own site too:


maybe you can claim your money back then

hi, can anyone help with latest info on the 2 disc collectors edition ,amazon de lists as german/english audio i emailed for clarification on this and was informed german audio english sub-titles has anyone purchased it please let me know.

Well, around 2 years later a reply:
the 2-Disc-set includes the German version (just with German audio) and the international cut which have English audio too.

great to know. always liked this movie as a kid, great adventure movie with lots of drama in the end

i like guy Mdison a lot the disapointed thing is he never play a very good spagheti
the only movie i like from his was payment in blood

Does the 2-disc set have also the italian audio track too?