Darkening the Italian Screen

I’ve just read half of a book I only meant to browse for a few moments, Darkening the Italian Screen by Eugenio Ercolani, published by McFarland. The book mostly consists of interviews with genre directors, spaghetti westerns, giallo, poliziotteschi.

I’ve reproduced the table of contents below. It’s a bit pricey, as an academic text, but I got the Kindle version for $15.

1953 A Touch of Class: The Cinema of Giorgio Capitani 7
1958 Armed to the Teeth: The Cinema of Umberto Lenzi 21
Giovanni Lombardo Radice, a.k.a. John Morghen, on Cannibal Ferox 57
1959 Melancholy and Revolution: The Cinema of Giulio Petroni 65
1961 Jazzing from the Background: The Cinema of Alberto De Martino 89
1961 The Bitter and the Sweet: The Cinema of Romolo Guerrieri 109
1962 Lovable Slobs: The Cinema of Mario Caiano (Interview by Manlio Gomarasca) 126
1967 Call Me François: The Cinema of Franco Rossetti 135
1967 Destruction in Slow Motion: The Cinema of Enzo G. Castellari 155
From Uruguay with Love: Interview with George Hilton 176
1968 The Serious Caress of Frivolousness: The Cinema of Vittorio Sindoni 188
1968 Real Cannibals: The Cinema of Ruggero Deodato 199
Italy’s Whipping Boy: Interview with Giovanni Lombardo Radice 232
1969 Of Films and Horses: The Cinema of Marcello Avallone 245
1969 Strange Vices in Locked Rooms: The Cinema of Sergio Martino 261
Designing Mayhem: Interview with Massimo Antonello Geleng 285
The Origins of EX: Interview with Martine Brochard 292

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Looks interesting for sure

Wonderful book. Highly recommended! Looks more at the whole of Popular Italian cinema, but worth picking up. Plenty of info on Spaghetti actors and films! A valuable resource book!