Dan van Husen has joined

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he joined and sends his regards


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Dan van Husen !!! Welcome to the SWDB forum !!! There’s a couple of thousand questions I’d like to ask you !!! :slight_smile:

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welcome to the forum!
halitos kid, I guess only one at a time :wink:

I guess it’s time to do some work at:


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and also made me a friend at the facebook he he!
i like’d to see also his top 20 list… if he has

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[quote=“sartana1968, post:4, topic:674”]and also made me a friend at the facebook he he!
i like’d to see also his top 20 list… if he has[/quote]

Yeah he sent me a friend requst too. He’s got some cool pics on his facebook page. I bet he could tell some stories.

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you can actually fly to Almeria with Dan Husen… I will post the information soon. Cheap flight, hotel, tours, etc…

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If I’m correct Ryanair is planning direct flights from Charleroi (‘Brussels South’) to Ameria

In that case, I’ll be making the trip, no doubt about that
Coumld be as cheap as a weekend trip from where a live to, let’s say, Amsterdam

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OK here’s the deal

Filmstudienreise mit DAN VAN HUSEN
En: Film study trip with Dan van Husen

Termin: 14. - 17.04.2011
En: Date April 14 to 17

Wo: Almeria und Umland
En: Where Almeria Area

Leistungen: 3 x ÜF im Hotel GRAN ALMERIA oder ähnlich (Hier wohnt auch der Schauspieler)
2x Ausflugsprogramm zusammen mit DAN VAN HUSEN.
(Originaldrehorte seiner Western DOC, CATLOW, EL CONDOR)

En> Included: 3 nights (accomodation plus breakfast) in Hotel Gran Almeria (or similar)
2 trips together with Dan van Husen (shooting locations of Doc, Catlow, El Condor)

Preis: Im Einzelzimmer € 399,- / Im halben Doppelzimmer € 349,-
En> Price single room 399 euros double 349

Flug nicht inklusive (En> flight is not included!)
Möglich z.B. Ryanair 14. - 17.04. Düsseldorf Weeze - Almeria
Bei diesem Ankunft wäre der Transfer ab/bis Flughafen zum Hotel inklusive ! (En> When Flying via Dusseldorf, the trip from airport to Hotel is included!)
Weitere Verlängerungen vor Ort wären möglich ! En> extensions on location are possible

Auskunft und Buchung / En> organizer, information:

Almeria Film Tours Bonn
Mario Kessler Tel. 0157 - 85295859



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that would be awesome to go to. No way I can go, I was gonna try to go to the Spag Fest in L.A. but that would cost me a couple grand. No way I could afford to fly out of the country.

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he has joined but where is he now in the swdb forum?

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Happy Birthday,