Dan van Husen has joined [RIP]

he joined and sends his regards


Dan van Husen !!! Welcome to the SWDB forum !!! There’s a couple of thousand questions I’d like to ask you !!! :slight_smile:

welcome to the forum!
halitos kid, I guess only one at a time :wink:

I guess it’s time to do some work at:


and also made me a friend at the facebook he he!
i like’d to see also his top 20 list… if he has

[quote=“sartana1968, post:4, topic:674”]and also made me a friend at the facebook he he!
i like’d to see also his top 20 list… if he has[/quote]

Yeah he sent me a friend requst too. He’s got some cool pics on his facebook page. I bet he could tell some stories.


you can actually fly to Almeria with Dan Husen… I will post the information soon. Cheap flight, hotel, tours, etc…

If I’m correct Ryanair is planning direct flights from Charleroi (‘Brussels South’) to Ameria

In that case, I’ll be making the trip, no doubt about that
Coumld be as cheap as a weekend trip from where a live to, let’s say, Amsterdam

OK here’s the deal

Filmstudienreise mit DAN VAN HUSEN
En: Film study trip with Dan van Husen

Termin: 14. - 17.04.2011
En: Date April 14 to 17

Wo: Almeria und Umland
En: Where Almeria Area

Leistungen: 3 x ÜF im Hotel GRAN ALMERIA oder ähnlich (Hier wohnt auch der Schauspieler)
2x Ausflugsprogramm zusammen mit DAN VAN HUSEN.
(Originaldrehorte seiner Western DOC, CATLOW, EL CONDOR)

En> Included: 3 nights (accomodation plus breakfast) in Hotel Gran Almeria (or similar)
2 trips together with Dan van Husen (shooting locations of Doc, Catlow, El Condor)

Preis: Im Einzelzimmer € 399,- / Im halben Doppelzimmer € 349,-
En> Price single room 399 euros double 349

Flug nicht inklusive (En> flight is not included!)
Möglich z.B. Ryanair 14. - 17.04. Düsseldorf Weeze - Almeria
Bei diesem Ankunft wäre der Transfer ab/bis Flughafen zum Hotel inklusive ! (En> When Flying via Dusseldorf, the trip from airport to Hotel is included!)
Weitere Verlängerungen vor Ort wären möglich ! En> extensions on location are possible

Auskunft und Buchung / En> organizer, information:

Almeria Film Tours Bonn
Mario Kessler Tel. 0157 - 85295859



that would be awesome to go to. No way I can go, I was gonna try to go to the Spag Fest in L.A. but that would cost me a couple grand. No way I could afford to fly out of the country.

he has joined but where is he now in the swdb forum?

Happy Birthday,

Sad news as we learn he has passed. RIP Dan

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Oh wow, that’s very sad to hear.
I met Dan at a Spaghetti Western conference that Austin Fisher organised in Luton a few years back. He was very nice and had some interesting stories to tel about his times in Spain and Italy. He had been living in the UK for some years by that time. In Somerset or Devon if I remember correctly.

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Dan in Tabernas, Almeria - September 2012

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Wondered if there are any details, perhaps on FB ? … I hadn’t been in touch with him for some time.
75 seems like a short innings these days, but I knew he was in poor health even when this photo was taken.

Last I read is that he supposedly died at a retirement home from covid19, but at this point please consider this an unconfirmed report. Have yet to read an official confirmation of his passing. Needless to say, this is very sad news and our thoughts are with his friends and family

That’s terrible news - but thank you, Sebastian.

Very sad news. May he rest in peace.