Custom DVD Covers #2

(Silence) #161

Where on CG?

(The Stranger) #162

Great work, amigos. Absolutely unique. :wink:

Maybe someone has covers for the following movies:

  • A Long Ride from Hell (Vivo per la tua morte)
  • Son of Django (Il Figlio di Django)
  • Kill or Be Killed / Kill or Die (Uccidi o muori)
  • The Long Day of the Massacre (Il lungo giorno del massacro)
  • Sabata the Killer (Arriva Sabata)
  • The Boldest Job in the West (El Más fabuloso golpe del Far-West)
  • Kidnapping (20.000 dollari sporchi di sangue)

Thanks guys !

(Silver) #163

Anyone out there got a cover, or know where to get one for Sign Of The Coyote?

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #164

I found quite a few of the ones you are looking for at shobary’s site:

I made myself a cover for Killer Adios a while back, I’ve uploaded it on rapidshare for you.!download|992|428784748|Killeradios.JPG|149

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Whoa did you delete your post Silver?

(Silver) #166

Which post? Don’t think i deleted anything :o

(Dillinger) #167

Having recorded the flick on TV I recently made a German cover for “100 Rifles” using am old Super8 cover:

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #168

[quote=“Silver, post:20, topic:478”]Don’t know if anyone looks at this thread much now, but if anyone has, or knows of a place where i could find custom covers for the following, i’d be VERY grateful. (I’m much too useless with computers to be able to do it myself!!!);

God in Heaven…Arizona on Earth
More Dollars For The MacGregors
Revenge Of The Resurrected
Fury of Johnny Kid
Clumsy Hands
One against One…No Mercy
Death On High Mountain
Killer Adios
And Sartana Kills Them All
Kill Johnny Ringo
Two Guns For A Coward
Blood Calls To Blood
Death At Owell Rock
In A Colt’s Shadow


Oh this explains it. My bad. I don’t know how it happened but I replied to a post that you made in July of 2007!

(Silver) #169

Well thanks for replying anyway. I do have all those covers now but cheers :slight_smile:

(The Stranger) #170

Maybe we could update the topic a bit. If anyone has made new covers, he could upload them here.
Would be great. :wink:

(Italo-West-Fan) #171

Here, a few self-made Cover.
All in German. ;D
Shortly they give more Covers

IL NERO - HASS WAR SEIN GEBET´(L’odio e il mio dio)

SARANDA / 20 STEPS TO DEATH … c5_pdf.htm



-15 SCAFFOLS FOR A KILLER … pd_pdf.htm



(Bill san Antonio) #172

Good looking covers but there’s some really annoying ads on this page.

(Italo-West-Fan) #173

Your Covers are also coool.

(dicfish) #174

Kinowelt has released “Day of Anger” in a boxset with two other movies.
If you are just buying the box because of DoA, here is a custom cover for you:


(Italo-West-Fan) #175

Coward’s don’t Pray:

John the Bastard:

(autephex) #176

A few new covers

(images here are small thumbnail images to reduce page load time,
click on images/links for full print sized covers/download)

In A Colt’s Shadow

A Stranger In Town

The Silent Stranger



(autephex) #177

HQ hi-res cover art download