Custom DVD Covers #2

(Firefox) #1

Sorry I caused problems with the covers, I have now posted them on
This is the link to the first.

A Gun For One Hundred Graves

(Firefox) #2

And the second

God Made Them… I Kill Them

(andeh) #3

hey mates,

1st of all: very nice covers u made.
i am searchin’ for a cover of “J. and S. - storia criminale del far west” aka “Die rote Sonne der Rache”.

best wishes

(Firefox) #4

I’m on a roll now!

(warrior) #5

great covers
do u have the following covers:

moment to kill- george hilton
ferda west
finders killers
make peace with GOD

how do i get to view all your covers?

(Bill san Antonio) #6

Time to post some more covers. Belle Starr Story

(Bill san Antonio) #7

Man Called Noon

(Bill san Antonio) #8

requested cover. Sonny & Jed

(Silvanito) #9

Sadly Tom seems to be gone from the forum, but people who saved all his dvd covers could perhaps host them on an imagesite and post them here again?

Nice that you’re posting your covers too Bill :slight_smile:

(ENNIOO) #10

I enjoyed seeing Tom’s covers, I wonder where he is?

(Yodlaf Peterson) #11

i think he got the hump because the covers were taken off.
it would be nice to see him back because some of his comments make me laugh ;D

(ENNIOO) #12

I agree, Tom is a funny guy, very passionate about spaghetti westerns, please come back Tom!!!

(Bill san Antonio) #13

Here’s two I already posted at the old topic, Shadow of Sartana… Shadow of your Death by Demofilo Fidani


and 7 dollars on the red

[url=<img src=’/uploads/db4315/original/1X/c8d8c184153fac01ea3565066fe58d1c7ad31968.jpg’>]

(Raph_Alv) #14

Want Tom back too…
Do u have:
-Bury them deep
-Jesse & Lester
-The singer not the song


(Stanton) #15

Tom is out of the Forum. Forever, I think. He says that he should have been asked or maybe informed before deleting his covers.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #16


(Silvanito) #17

I also think Tom should come back, but I think he was informed by Seb the first time around that members shouldn’t attach big images on this forum!!

I don’t understand why he didn’t use an imagehost ???

But anyway, don’t be angry Tom join the gang again :wink:

(tomobea) #18

need the following original covers: spara gringo spara (Japan)-Matalo (east West)- Adios Gringo (Japan)-
one after another (Japan)
Best W, Tom

(alk0) #19

Searching for a cover for ‘this man can’t die’. Anybody can help?

(Silver) #20

Don’t know if anyone looks at this thread much now, but if anyone has, or knows of a place where i could find custom covers for the following, i’d be VERY grateful. (I’m much too useless with computers to be able to do it myself!!!);

God in Heaven…Arizona on Earth
More Dollars For The MacGregors
Revenge Of The Resurrected
Fury of Johnny Kid
Clumsy Hands
One against One…No Mercy
Death On High Mountain
Killer Adios
And Sartana Kills Them All
Kill Johnny Ringo
Two Guns For A Coward
Blood Calls To Blood
Death At Owell Rock
In A Colt’s Shadow