Cuchillo (Rodolfo de Anda, 1978)

A Mexican western from 1978. I have only found Spanish and German audio versions. Would be great to get a fandub of this film. It looks great:

Looks like I’m going to have the first post for 2016, so Happy New Year, everybody!

Maybe this never got an English audio release. :frowning: Wish there was someone with a fansubbed version out there. I’m still dying to watch this one. If anybody has any info, please let me know!

Subtitles might be out somewhere, could be a title that might’ve ended up on VHS at some point?

The only VHS I have come across was a German language one and sadly I don’t speak German. I came across a remastered print on YouTube once that had been uploaded with a Russian voiceover, I think. It was deleted shortly afterwards. I’m not sure where the print came from.

A bad western, not worth watching. Not only the budget was cheap.

I still want to see it for myself first. :smiley:

Of course …

Try it

Did you watch it in German? I’m hoping someone has this film either in English or with English subs

Yes, in German. I think I still have a copy, which I got without asking for it.

I have the American dvd, distributor Nuestro Cine Classico, which is Spanish only. Don’t know why you’re dying to see it, definitely subpar stuff.

It just seems up my street.