Cry Macho (Clint Eastwood, 2021)

What did everyone think of Clint’s latest outing? Just curious to know. I had kept my expectations reasonably low considering his age, but of course I was happy, and somewhat excited, to see him in a new film - and a semi-western, no less. Even now he is still great to watch, and I enjoyed it for what it was in a charming sort of way. Kind of like seeing an old friend again.

It was kind of a slow, easing-going movie, but not entirely. The chemistry between he and the kid was, I thought, great, as well as with the woman he grows close to in Mexico. There were a lot of good performances in this, and I think that redeems it for the lack of punch overall. I wasn’t expecting fireworks, but I was left feeling slightly unsure of how I felt about it in the end - I certainly enjoyed his previous one ‘The Mule’ much better.

Thinking on it now, a year later, I was just wondering what other’s views were on it, and if anyone else felt the same way - slightly underwhelmed, but also charming and heart-warming to see.

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I wasn’t too sure where this one fit in category-wise. …Sorry Seb :wink: :joy:

Is there anything European to the production?

I doubt it. I believe it’s just American.

Yeah, its Clint’s Malpaso productions company.

I liked it quite a bit. I know it got fairly trashed in general by a lot of people, but I had no complaints.


Clint still getting the ladies, in his 90th decade has to be admired ! … 'El Viagra!


Haha! :smile:

I bought the dvd cheap recently and as above I watched it with low expectations but enjoyed the slow moving story. And yes, Clint still has it with the ladies.

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As to be expected this is a late-life film, very autumnal, and minimal in Clint’s usual approach. In musical terms, it has the connotations of a chamber piece. Clint still has it in him to provide good entertainment, drawing on decades of expertise, but realizing again that he can not repeat himself. Instead, he supplies another example of aging and the relationship to different generations. Take the film on ots merits - and enjoy.

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What do you mean by that?

I also liked The Mule quite a bit, which also seemed to receive similar criticism to Cry Macho. Strangely, much of the complaints I’ve seen involved Clint being old and looking frail or some such nonsense… yeah, he’s gotten older? Big deal? People don’t like seeing their cowboy hero looking old and thin… very strange

My enjoyment for these films inspired me to catch up on some of Clint’s other more recent works I had missed like Gran Torino, another one I thought was very good. Of course all of these films have several “PC” complaints about Clint the white guy, I don’t care about any of that…


I think he should have stopped at Gran Torino, that was such a great movie, and would’ve been such a perfect “adios”

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Completely disagree

Cry Macho & The Mule were both very good and I will certainly watch them both again. Making films is what he does, and if he’s not done yet, then great. The fact he has continued to make good films is impressive in itself

Bruce Willis is someone who should have stopped making films at a good stopping point. Eastwood, na…

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not saying the others are bad, but Gran Torino had a farewell quality to it. plus, nobody is ever gonna remember The Mule or Cry Macho


Was attempting to get some light-hearted polls put on these kinds of film threads, where each movie could be rated and a general consensus among us could sort of be reached.

This one now has a rating poll of 1-5 at the top of the page …please, if you’ve seen the film, go ahead and give it your verdict! Cheers.

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