Cry for Me, Billy / Apache Massacre (William A. Graham, 1972)

Apache Massacre is quite a bleak film but I really like it. I have the VHS but I’m hoping they’ll bring out a DVD eventually. There’s an Italian DVD release by Mosaico Media but Amazon doesn’t mention anything about English audio, so I have a feeling that it has been dubbed into Italian. Does anyone know whether it plays in English? There’s plenty of German DVDs that do not mention English audio but they still play in English.

on the Italian Amazon, by the way:

It says:

Lingua: Italiano
Sottotitoli: Italiano

So only Italian.
I have been looking for the movie too, could only find a copy of a rotten VHS version.

But I would never fully rely on product details on Amazon

No, but it seems risky to order it if you need English subtitles
I’ll check some Italian sites and forums tomorrow, must be somebody who owns the disc

It’s an American western, so the original version is in English. I have the Diamond Video release. It’s excellent quality but it’d be great to have a remastered DVD.

Cannot remember what I think of this one, must give it a view again.