Cry blood apache (1970/Jack Starret)

I’m curious about quality of this dvd, extras?, sub?.. had a bad reputation, anyway, some help ? :-[

Don’t know anything about a DVD, but I have seen the movie … once … and that’s enough

Jack Starrett is a kind of Paul Verhoeven (master of shock!), minus the sardonic humour and (what’s worse) the talent
Cry Blood Apache is rubbish, can’t say anything else
Still he made at least three guilty pleasures:

Cleopatra Jones
Race with the Devil (with Peter Fonda + Warren Oates = fun !)

and my all time favourite guilty pleasure:

Nam’s Angels (aka The Losers) > Hell’s Angels go … no, not West, they go East, to Vietnam
Try this one, if you haven’t already seen it, it’s not art, it’s not refined, but you’ll have a Helluva Time

I’ll have to second what scherpschutter says about the flick. This is a real piece of crap. The only fun is in the Indian exacting his vengeance, which is pretty sadistic at times. The guys he hunts are a bunch of retards so they really can’t die painfully enough. The best actor in this one is Starret himself. Unfortunately he’s a lousy director, at least judging from this film. The sadism aside this is a slow, boring, ultra cheap mess. Can be downloaded at publicdomaintorrents, probably about the same quality as the dvd.

Quite interesting film, not unlike Monte Hellman’s early existentialist westerns. Strange atmosphere, characters and very unexpected ending. 3 stars. Aurum Encyclopedia of Westerns also gives this film some credit. Starret’s “Hell’s Angels with armored motorcycle’s and machine guns go Vietnam” oddity The Losers is also worth watching. :wink:

edit. didn’t notice scherp already mentioned The Losers

I fell asleep whilst viewing this one, so I guess I saved on having some sleeping pills.

I’ve seen worse but the movie is far from being original…

Just godawfull :stuck_out_tongue: and Starrett did make some decent drive-in fare, but this ain’t it.