Crossovers in Spaghetti Westerns

I know Sartana met and worked with Django, Alleluja, and Trinity. But did other Spaghetti Western characters meet and work together?


I know of quite a few SW lead actors who’ve paired up like Lee Van Cleef & Giuliano Gemma, Franco Nero & Tomas Milian, etc., but most character team ups were usually unofficial films, having little or nothing at all to do with how the characters were originally portrayed, and were usually written & directed by Demofilio Fidani, the Ed Wood of Italian Westerns. I personally haven’t come across one that feels like a decent crossover, but I’m sure others on here may have.

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That’s exactly the way that it is.


Sabata linked up with George Hilton’s Sartana in the third Sartana flik… although in the dubbing it sounds more like Sabbath (which IMO is a far cooler name)