Cormack of the Mounties / Giubbe rosse (Aristide Massaccesi, 1975)

Technically one of the better but also one of the least interesting of 70s wilderness adventure westerns inspired by The Call of the Wild, The Cry of the Black Wolves and, of course, Fulci’s White Fang. I wound’t blame D’Amato for the film’s shortcomings, as he does a good job capturing some beautiful snowy locations and the few actions scenes, with his trademark POV shots and handheld camerawork, are quite good. The problem is the clichéd and uninteresting story (clumsily built around one lengthy flashback sequence) which doesn’t know where to go. Carlo Rustichelli’s score is at least partially recycled from White Fang to the Rescue but is quite ok nevertheless.

NOTE: Even if the final twist is very stupid and predictable, I dislike the way the database gives it away. Someone should edit the synopsis.

Database page: Giubbe rosse - The Spaghetti Western Database

I have viewed this one three times in about the last year or so, mainly because I seemed to get a different print of the movie around every three months. The best one is a 2.35 print from the Movies For Men channel which shows a few westerns.
The film is OK, and is entertaining enough. I do like snowy locations for a change now and again. Not to fond of the score.

I think it´s interesting how D´Amato manages to make even these amazing souroundings look bleak and dull, haha, quite a talent. That said i like many of his 70s films, very laidback and relaxing, even when they´re suppose to be adventures like this one.

This “Movies For Men channel” is it a good source for rare SWs?

What more have they shown?

They must have shown at least twenty titles by now as a rough guess. Most are ones that you can get on dvd like; Django, Django Kill, The Stranger’s Gundown and A Reason To Live , A Reason To Die.
Apart from Cormack, I have been pleased with upgrade widescreen prints that are better quality than the VHS english audio releases to Carambola and Hellhounds of Alaska. Django Against Sartana has also been shown in a nice 1.85 widescreen print, but the fandub of the Italian disc is even better quality.

[quote=“Lindberg, post:4, topic:1736”]This “Movies For Men channel” is it a good source for rare SWs?

What more have they shown?[/quote]wouldn’t say they showed rare SW’S but they have shown a lot recently aside from the ones mentioned by ENNIOO, they have screened vengeance, the ruthless four, brother outlaw, i want him dead, bullet for a general, chuck mool, the red coats, white fang, texas adidios, a man called noon,the big showdown and some others whose titles escape me for the moment.

Off-topic, but was A Man Called Noon shown in widescreen?

[quote=“Silver Wolf, post:7, topic:1736”]Off-topic, but was A Man Called Noon shown in widescreen?[/quote]to be honest silver wolf i don’t know as did not see this film on movies for men as have already seen it, but a lot of the spaghettis shown are shown in widescreen.

This movie , for me, is an prime example of one of the most interesting aspects of watching SWs - seeing how a movie could have been improved with few changes here and there. It gets 7/10 from me, because i liked it, but it could have easily been a 9/10 movie. Here are some of my ideas how it could have been improved:
1)The flashback should have been shortened and it should unfold durning the course of the movie a’la “Duck you sucker”. And the voiceover durining it should have been left out
2)Some unnecessary scenes should’ve been cut and the pacing of some of the other scenes should’ve been slowed down, because sometimes this movie feels like it’s running on fast forward -there’s too much going on [i noticed some of D’Amato’s output form the 70s suffers from the same problem eg. Death smiles at murder or Buio Omega].
3)What’s the point of all the scenes involving dog? They feel out of place and are clearly an attempt to cash on Zanna Bianca movies.
4)Spoilers The movie with it’s Cain and Abel story needed a bad ending, the original one is too family friendly for my liking. Too bad, because the build-up was nice

That’s all i can think of now

I remember when I first viewed this I was really expecting a negative ending .

This one was really enjoyable. Great character drama and very fast pace. Guido Mannari was great as the villain/not villain? I wouldn’t actually call him a villain so much as an antagonist.

An above-average spaghetti western in my book despite the somewhat tedious Zanna Bianca content. Also it sports a finally large role for the only Dane that ever starred in a spaghetti western, Lars Bloch, as Testi’s sidekick. But yes, as stated above a more negative ending wouldn’t have hurt this movie one bit.

Finally saw this. I was quite excited, being a major Joe D’Amato fan, but I was kind of let down. First off, I don’t like Fabio Testi as an actor. Secondly, it definitely not really the down and dirty spaghetti western, but more an snowy adventure movie (definitely a lot better than White Fang To the Rescue at least.) All in all, it wasn’t bad, but I was just expecting more.

I’d forgotten about this one - I got it on vid a fair while back and I’d been meaning to watch it (if only for Lynn Frederick). I’ll put it to the top of my ‘to watch pile’ and get back …

Not seen that cover in years !

Not since I bought it from you (along with An Eye for an Eye)… :wink:

Good memory Reverend :smiley: .

One of the better ‘frozen north’ adventures I’ve seen I think although definitely a family friendly afternoon type of film. Testi suits the hero Mountie role and the double villains of Robert Hundar and Guido Mannari work well. The flash back stuff wasn’t so good and the schmaltzy ending was a disappointment certainly but I guess it fitted the general style of the film. Of course, I’m a sucker for a snowy landscape so I am probably more forgiving of these types of films than some. But, all in all, an enjoyable little film. Even the kid wasn’t too annoying.

I picked up the movie on You Tube. The copy has surprisingly good image & sound quality
The film - while being far from great - isn’t too bad either, I enjoyed it for what it’s worth, a decent western-adventure-movie set in the North

Here’s the You Tube link:

Watched thos for the first time one night last week and I’ve got to say I thought it was a good little gem of a western.