Corbucci and The Native American

Similar to the mud thread —
What Corbucci movies do Indians appear in (even briefly).

Here’s what I recall,

Johnny Oro (as villains)
Navajo Joe
and that’s about it.

The White the Black and the Yellow. There are Native Americans past the halfway point.

Also wasn’t one of the prostitutes in Django who was Native American? Or was she meant to be Mexican?

He chose Apache for Johnny Oro because, in his own words, Apache were Indians without feathers. I don’t think Corbucci was really interested in the history and/or culture of Native Americans.

There’s a nice anecdote in relation to Johnny Oro: Gianfriglia, the actor who played the Indian leader, spoke with a strong Roman accent and the effect was hilarious, the people on the set doubled up with laughter, therefore most of his lines where skipped.

So, this time again you forgot about The Hellbenders ::slight_smile:

Ah jeez, again!?

Will have to watch The White, The Yellow and the Black again.
Certain that Silvanna Bacci’s character is meant to be Mexican.