Corbucci and mud

Trying to think of all the instances where mud shows up in Corbucci films.
This is what i recall—

  1. Django (obviously)
  2. Navajo Joe (very briefly)
  3. The Great Silence (slush)
  4. The Mercenary
  5. The Specialist
  6. Sonny and Jed

am I missing something?

There’s muddy graveyard scene in Hellbenders.

I think you got em’ all. I just went through The Black, The White, and The Yellow and Minnesota Clay and didn’t see any mud.

And Milian falls into muddy pigsty in Companeros. Or was that scene in Mercenary? I can’t remember.

Mercenary, and luckily it wasn’t Milian.

Cool. Forgot about the Hellbenders cemetery.

Ironic there’s no mud given the word “clay” in the name

Johnny Oro might have to go on that list. Check out 2:06.