Corbucci and mud

(YourPallbearer) #1

Trying to think of all the instances where mud shows up in Corbucci films.
This is what i recall—

  1. Django (obviously)
  2. Navajo Joe (very briefly)
  3. The Great Silence (slush)
  4. The Mercenary
  5. The Specialist
  6. Sonny and Jed

am I missing something?

(Bill san Antonio) #2

There’s muddy graveyard scene in Hellbenders.

(Nick) #3

I think you got em’ all. I just went through The Black, The White, and The Yellow and Minnesota Clay and didn’t see any mud.

(Bill san Antonio) #4

And Milian falls into muddy pigsty in Companeros. Or was that scene in Mercenary? I can’t remember.

(Stanton) #5

Mercenary, and luckily it wasn’t Milian.

(YourPallbearer) #6

Cool. Forgot about the Hellbenders cemetery.

(Novecento) #7

Ironic there’s no mud given the word “clay” in the name

(YourPallbearer) #8

Johnny Oro might have to go on that list. Check out 2:06.