Congratulations Giuliano

(scherpschutter) #1

Giuliano Gemma 70 today

(Søren) #2

Definitely one of the finest in the genre … Happy birthday amigo …

(alk0) #3

Many happy returns, mr. Gemma!

(Paco Roman) #4

Happy Birthday!

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(Phil H) #5

Happy Birthday Signor Gemma.


Mr.Gemma looks in good shape for 70.

(Romaine Fielding) #7

Happy Birhtday Angel Face! ;D ;D ;D ;D

(Bluntwolf) #8

Congratulations :slight_smile:

(Phil H) #9

He really does. When I saw him in Venice last year I would have picked him as being closer to 60 than 70. A class act.

(scherpschutter) #10

I’m working on a text for his actor page and discovered when I was looking for info that he is still very active at the age of 70: swimming, riding on horseback, parachute-jumping and mountaineering (!) are among his favourite pastimes
He apparently ‘discovered’ mountaineering in the last few years

(LankyFellow) #11

I’m adjoin - Best wishes Arizona Colt

(ENNIOO) #12

I am jealous :’(…

(Silvanito) #13

He looks like a nice gentleman

Happy birthday!

(korano) #14

Not to sound arogant, but does this post have something to do with what I said in the silver Saddle post? It could be just coincidence but I hadn’t seen anything about him until now. Just curious. No offense.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #15

Happy birthday Ringo!

(Silvanito) #16

You mean me ???

What did you say in the Silver Saddle post?

(korano) #17

I asked Romaine Fileding, I think, his age. he said he’ll be 70 soon. and I made a suggestion that Sebastian have some sort of emma dedication.

(korano) #18

Oh well. Happy Birthday to the king of the Spaghetti Western! :wink: 70 and looks 60 :o

(scherpschutter) #19

I’m working on it, Korano, a little patience

(Reverend Danite) #20

Blimey - I never had brother Romaine down as a septagarian - he doesn’t sound it y’know.
Still - it explains a lot ;).