Companies, labels, distributors, names 🏦

I thought I start shedding some light on the world of company names, maybe someone is interested in helping out.

All the historical movie production companies, the distributors, but also later the TV stations, VHS brands, and current home video labels, along with some major names in spaghetti westerns (producers) could go on this list, and the relation to each other (who owns who, which company ended up being part of the other).

Ok help us out, post names missing, distribution and production companies missing, famous names and brands, home video labels, etc…

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We need some volunteers to add the most important companies (old and new) to that directory. Can we find a volunteer for each country?

  • Germany
  • UK
  • USA
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France

So have all the old production companies in there, the old distributors, major and indie production companies, the main producers, but also today’s companies, like DVD labels, etc.

To bump this, now that more and more film pages have “production and business” sections, we should also get a bit better in the SWDb with producers and production companies… the bigger ones could even have their own categories