Companeros Blu Rays

Is there a good quality Companeros Blu Ray out there? Is the Blue Underground or German one worth it?

I haven’t watched this film in years so it would be nice to re-watch and upgrade my old Blue Underground DVD.

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Since the BU disc is the only one, the German one being from a highly suspicious company, I think there is not much choice you are left with.,_compañeros/BluRay

The Blue Underground disc is certainly without major problems and should be a fine upgrade from your DVD


Funny how Companeros hasn’t had top European release and The Mercenary has been done well both on DVD and Blu Ray.

Yea, a miserable rights situation is probably to blame. I am sure if Koch held the rights it would’ve done better…
At the same time it’s crazy that no company has really given The Mercenary a proper release in the US either

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Blue underground generally do a good job. There’s normally a few extras on their releases as well. I know I had trouble getting hold of both films mentioned above 4 or 5 years ago. I have a Korean release of Companeros which plays in English and the Koch media release of The Mercenary. I think at the time I had to strike when the time was right on Amazon waiting for the prices to drop.

I only have their Django BD, but they didn’t knock that one out of the park.