Cometogether (1971)

Has anybody else seen this Tony Anthony flick?

It is a hoot!

If you have not seen it you may be shocked to see how fit the frequently shirtless Tony is. Dude has six-pack abs.

So THIS is how he hooked up with Luciana I said to myself when I saw this.

Check out the Something Weird synopsis:

The song was in my head for a while after viewing. Anthony plays quite a laid back stud muffin. Like his voice over when he is speaking about the two women and mentions how much money it is all costing taking them out. Was not expecting the ending.

Did you like it?

Yeah, the ending came out of nowhere.

I love the begining with the fake fight…

Enjoyed it for what it was yes, and do enjoy watching Anthony.

I loved some of the voice over. Something along the lines of “I’ve got two groovy chicks and their blowing my mind.” 8)
Very Austin Powers

Sorry for reviving a dead thread, but does anybody know where I could get this on dvd? the SomethingWeird video link doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

Johnny Powers - if you don’t mind waiting a little while (till the beginning of February) - drop me a PM and I can help you with this.

Sure, no problem! Thanks!

I’m a big fan of Tony Anthony, and have to admit that I’ve missed this one. I shall be on the hunt, though!

Got a copy of this from Romaine Fielding some years ago but haven’t gotten 'round to viewing yet. Can probably upload a rip if anyone wants one

Is there any chance you could upload the whole thing (not as a rip)?

Yeah I could do that, but would maybe have to wait until next month as have been burning up my bandwidth lately

Thank you!

I’m going to upload the DVDr at CG this week sometime, maybe later today. But I thought I’d add that SW still has it available, just a new link:


They also have it as a download, for the same price

I still haven’t watched it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

The SW DVDr is not the best quality… its a fullscreen letterboxed print, not a good transfer. But its watchable. Although letterboxed, I’m not sure if anything is cropped, it looks like it may be the full print just shrunk down to fit onto a 4:3 resolution. The full movie comes in at only 2.9gb, with everything else on the disc being SW promos and ads (tons of them)

Come Together is one of those great, unique, hard-to-categorize European films that would best be described as a slice of life from the "free love" hippie generation.

TONY ANTHONY plays Tony, a free-wheeling American stuntman working in Italian films, who tries to pick up two swinging American tourists, Lisa (LUCIANA PALUZZI) and Ann (ROSEMARY DEXTER). His persistence pays off and he gives them a tour of Rome in his new sports car. As the trio develop a friendship, we find that Ann is still suffering stress from an abortion, and Lisa was recently involved in a messy affair with an older married man. Tony has his own mental baggage: he was the only survivor when his unit was massacred in Vietnam. All three are searching for an intimate relationship.

Tony is hired to play a Mexican bandit in a spaghetti western in Spain – fans of the genre won’t want to miss these scenes – and finds himself missing the two girls. When he returns, the three take a trip to Pompeii, get turned on by the ancient erotic paintings (not an easy thing to do) and plunge into a ménage à trois. However, Tony is pretty freaked out by this and drives off to sort things out. It doesn’t take him long to return and accept the relationship for what it is. It all comes to a head with a jaw-dropping out-of-left-field ending that would never fly with today’s test audiences…

Mr. Anthony, best known for his spaghetti western Stranger character (Stranger in Town), is hilarious (sometimes unintentionally) and his ’60s voice-over philosophy is a hoot. He’s also a real fashion casualty of the times in his floppy hippie hat and Mickey Mouse denim jacket. A standout scene shows him as a gigolo in bed with a whacked-out client, lots of poodles, and a vibrator. Gorgeous Luciana Paluzzi is best known as James Bond’s love interest in Thunderball.

Hardcore Beatles fanatics should be alerted that the soundtrack for Come Together was released on Apple Records. Co-director SAUL SWIMMER was also involved with Let It Be, and Ringo Starr and Tony Anthony starred together in Blindman. From a beautiful (and quite together) 35mm print and presented in the widescreen format. – Eric Maché, Video Confidential

And where the heck is Romaine Fielding???

Enjoyed this one.