Colt (Miniseries / 2017 / Sollima, Leone, etc)


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I thought this one needs its own topic

The Leone Familiy wants to produce a miniseries called COLT based on a story by Sergio Leone and his friends. The first two episodes will be directed by Sollima’s son.

Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western TV series

Never knew the Leone family were keeping themselves so busy.

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Well they seem to have emerged as one of the biggest entertainment companies in Italy these days, with cooperations with other companies, TV and movie productions, and distribution (The Hateful Eight, fittingly). Sergio’s kids seem to have quite a knack for business

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You beat the Sergio Leone Web Board in posting about that! I just shared the info over there.

I’m also very interested in the Giuseppe Tornatore project (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned many a time, I’m quite a fan of him):

(Phil H) #5

Interesting. And with TV on the whole producing better work than the cinema these days it could be really promising. Let’s hope they shoot it in Almeria

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Sounds like a really good ideia, getting a bit sick of so many zombies. Also like the names involved in the project, I’m already a client for the project

(Nick) #7

Well this is exciting! Hopefully the project actually becomes something unlike that Django series that sort of teetered off into nothingness.

(Diamond) #8

Winchester ’ 73 meets Young Guns… not excited about teens with guns.


Man this sounds awesome, I’ve always wondered what some of Leone’s unrealised projects might have been and I guess this could be the next best thing. Wish I’d seen this earlier. BTW does anybody know anything about the supposed new Django movie still being in the works?

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I’m hyped!

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hype so far is all that that was…



I remember seeing on the IMDb either last month or two months ago that they were in pre-production for this Mini-Series, am really excited one of Leone’s Dream Projects is finally seeing the light of day. I read either on the IMDb or the Wikipedia that Sergio Donati stated Leone wanted this to be a somewhat darker take on the Winchester '73 film starring James Stewart, and retain elements of the Classic Westerns he grew up with. I might be paraphrasing here, it’s been some time since I last read any bio info on Leone, but that’s what sticks in my mind.

Now all we need is a finalized script for A Place Only Mary Knows, that’d be really great too.