Collecting more location scouting websites

I am wondering, what is Yoshi up to these days?

On that note, I am wondering how many scattered location scouting websites there are, blog posts and travel diaries etc. Which ones do you know?

I have probably stumbled on several in the pursuit of the mysterious ESPERANZA railway station location :slight_smile:

Here is one

Here another


This one is also very good with many many different locations.

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And now we can ask him personally @garringo55

I webwise met him at the Italian location Facebook site recently (link above), and he explained also his own frustration over the still unsolved the ESPERANZA mystery :slight_smile: He (among others) had been looking for it probably many years more than I have (just 2 years).


I came across another site recently that I haven’t used much:

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If you are lazy and want to search for locations lying in the sofa, I find searching via internet based maps fruitful especially if you can do it in more dimensions than two.
You often cannot zoom enough or get the exact angle (and my example presented here is in an amateurish way using up to 2 lap tops (including their cameras) for the pictures, 1 for the screen shot and 2 for the “web map” :slight_smile: ) but you sometimes can find and prove the correct location.

Below is an example from a scene in Navajo Joe when a villain rides to the bandit gang lead by Aldo Sambrell’s character. It is in the Rambla de los Bancos and the actor should be around 6 km northeast of the pueblo Fonelas in Granada, Andalucia, Spain. Early in the film there is a very nice scene cinematographically mainly shot from another/opposite angle in the same area.


I have an idea to compile the ultimate location guide in the SWDb, which I will make possible with the next technical update of the website. For each location I want to have an embedded OpenStreetMap, downloadable GPS coordinates, pictures (screenshot compared to photos taken by people who visited the set) and some context on the area and its history


Hi Sebastian,
this is a great idea - I have been thinking along the same lines about splitting the locations topics by area and adding photos but you are going for an even more comprehensive plan which is great .
This site should be the definitive location guide.

I have spent many hours using google 3D to find locations as in the example above - sometimes very difficult. It is made worse by not having many Spanish roads on street view.

This one is also VERY good.

Hey Runner,
I have just been researching Sw locations in Fonelas/Rambla de Los bancos including your shots. I have found locations on the Gr-5103 road and in the rambla (Loma de la sepultura) but having difficulty with the Jesse James location from 7 women for the MacGregors - do you know if this is located at the top of the rambla?
Also, can you drive to the top of the rambla or is this a walk? I did see an access point from the Gr-5103 But it seems to be private.
Thanks for any pointers.

Hi ! Fonelas area as SW location is rather new for me. I have never been there, only visited the place the cyberway via some Google maps-searching (as the example shows) :slight_smile:

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Understood - I am also spending more time looking up locations that I can’t visit at the moment!

If you have more than enough time, you might try to solve this extremely difficult but challenging SW location mystery (Many have tried but no one have succeded yet as far as I know) :wink: :

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I tried that mystery already - I think it needs a local train enthusiast to help

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Yes and we can be honored to have @garringo55 with us :slight_smile:


Hi Yoshi, I didn’t know that you were on this forum. Your website is a great resource for SW location research.


Hi, to tell he truth…it’s my first time comment on this forum.Thanks for visiting my website.

Nice to have you with us Yoshi.
I know a lot of us here have used and enjoyed your location site.


Hi Yoshi,

It’s been a long time, hope you remember these guys?

Your site is invaluable to anyone interested in Euro western locations. Hope you are doing fine.

Adrian … also known as ‘aldo’ :wink:

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split this off from the other topic. We are really great to have you here!