Cold Weather Italian westerns

I am constructing lists of various devices used in Italian westerns. I am working on a list currently where the films were filmed in a cold weather environment. That meaning even momentary treks through the cold. Here are a few I came up with right off the bat…

  1. Today we Kill… Tomorrow we Die
  2. Cut-Throats Nine
  3. Seven From Texas
  4. The Great Silence
  5. Implacable Three
  6. Sonny and Jed
  7. The Boldest Job in the West
  8. All the White Fang movies
  9. Red Coats
  10. Canadian Wilderness

I am sure there are plenty more i am forgetting. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Mike, I don’t remember any winter scenes in Seven from Texas or The Implacable Three, plenty of trudging through deserts though.
The only others that spring to mind are at the beginnings of both A Man Called Sledge and The Silent Stranger … PS: Red Sun has some chilly moments also :slightly_smiling_face:

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Taste of Death?

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Run man run had some scenes in snow if I recall correctly.

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Well I have frost in my garden and its super chilly so may start filming a cold weather western :grinning:


Four of the Apocalypse has a snowy scene.

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Thank you Aldo. I will have to double check Seven From Texas and The Implacable Three!

Cold Killer has scenes set in the mountains and if I remember right the town scenes may have breath showing.

There’s a little bit of snow in the beginning of Crazy Bunch.

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I just checked my copy. There is snow covered mountains in the opening!

Thank you!

In The Specialists there always seems to be snowy mountains in the background and the environments are quite chilly looking.

Your right! I had just watched this again here recently and totally forgot about it! Thanks!