Coburn's drink in Giu La Testa?

(A fistful of dynamite/ Gui La Testa/ Duck, you sucker!, 1971 Sergio Leone)

Have no idea where to put this cos this is my first post!

Just after John jumps on the train and arrives in Mesa Verde, he is in the cafe in the scene where the front of the bank gets blown up (i think)

He is drinking a very tasty looking drink, looks like lemon juice. Anyone know what it is? Its bugged me for a few years now.

Its alcoholic, so it looks like absinthe or pernod mixed with water, but surely they werent in mexico during the revolution?..

I think he’s drinking Tang

Looks like the new Sobe Life Water.

Well, since its Coburn, it has to be rotgut of some form.

Welcome to the forum hedgehog1987. It was so long time ago I saw this movie so I don’t know but I should re-watch it some day.