Clint Walker movie?

Okay I saw this Clint Walker movie when I was a kid. I remember I liked it a lot. The only scene I remember now, is Clint is in a bar/saloon/inn type establishment, and a shoot-out occurs. He says:

“You!” then fires his gun - blam! Shoots a guy…
“You!” – blam!
Someone shoots at him from above, but misses…
“and you!” – blam! guy falls over/through a railing to the floor below.

Anyone know this movie? I haven’t seen it since I was maybe 6. That was 37 years ago, so the details might be sketchy, but that’s basically how it goes.

More Dead then Alive or Vendetta ?

hes done a few westerns that I can see but only a couple would seem more violent have you tried (sorry couldn’t be more help.)

Thanks! I’ll check out “More Dead Than Alive” (Netflix) and see if that is the one!

Do not know whether you like Vincent Price or not, but you will get to see him in a rare western role.

I LOVE Vincent Price. He owns the horror genre.