Clint Eastwood

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He basically never fails with anything in the ones mentioned. He has the great gift to laugh at himself in FAFDM.

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But in that case this has more to do with the script than Eastwood himself :wink:

But there’s some self-irony re ‘the man with no name’ in all of the Dollars films I say, and he gets outwitted by Tuco and taken through the desert in GBU

Eastwood is one of the most charismatic of the SW leading men and his poncho outfit is pure classic 8)

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He’s good with a switchblade too ;D

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But doesn’t he get ruthlessly beaten up in A Fistful of Dollars?

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Yes, he does, he does also get drawn through the desert in GBU but he doesn’t get insulted then (yes, I know how weird that sounds). He loses this hat duel for example in FAFDM and he isn’t as anti-hero-that-never-does-anything-wrong as in GBU and FOD.

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But when he loses his hat in FAFDM, it is to another gunslinger that is his match in skill… so really its not a defeat

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I guess I’m not very clear with that statement… what I mean is, that scene is not really a duel… they are just testing each other. So, there really isn’t a winner or a loser

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It was a scrimmage…but he did lose! :-\

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I suppose that maybe he technically lost, but then, no one died… in the mythical land of FAFDM, if they had actually drawn to shoot at each other, I’m not entirely convinced he would be the loser…

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the man is a living legend

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That’s for sure.

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I’m not sure he is to yougsters nowadays (but who cares about them anyway?)… But, then, a living legand to them would be Zac Efron :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning: >:(

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Yes, but you’re the exception that proves the rule.

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Never knew Clint had been approached at one point to play the part of Bond:

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[quote=“John Welles, post:1, topic:2111”]What do you think of Clint Eastwood?[/quote]He is my favourite actor of all time.

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Anyone seen Gran Torino? My favourite film of the last few years, i’ve watched it four times so far :wink:

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Remember reading at the time when released he could be a retired Dirty Harry :wink: . Best Clint role in a long time. Nice just seeing Clint and no other stars, which had not been the case for a while.

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Fine film, I wrote a review, but unfortunately in Dutch:

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Gran Torino was very satisfying, and if it is to be Clint’s final performance in front of the camera, then I think it’s a fitting one. He manages to sum up, and send up, many of the characteristics he has embodied on screen for so long. The film also displays why you can’t pigeonhole him politically.

And, of course, without wishing to give too much away for those who haven’t seen it, he achieves a real sense of closure.