Civil war trilogy

i appreciate they are not really westerns but what do members think of ronald f maxwell’s civil war trilogy films.the first “gettysburg” is a massive 4 hour film and is very very good in my opinon with great battle scenes especially the final battle which takes up the last hour or so of the film.this was followed by a prequel " gods and generals"which covers the early years of the civil war and focuses mainly on “stonewall jackson” played by stephen lang. this is not as good as "gettysburg"but has it’s moments and is also massive at 3 1/2 hours.both films were years in the making and painstakingly done in their recreations. pity it doesn’t look like we’ll ever see the final part covering the years after "gettysburg"as it has taken so long it seems a lot of the cast have since died! a great film spectacle that will not be concluded.

I thought “Gods and Generals” was far superior to “Gettysburg,” although I truly loved both movies. Everything seemed more upscale in GaG as compared to the first, i.e. actors, makeup, sets, costumes. The budget had to be quite a bit larger for sure and Duvall clearly was a better Robert E. Lee than Sheen. I, too, hope they make another movie being the Civil War buff that I am!

I preferred Gettysburg, although I enjoyed both movies very much

Duvall was great and so were the battle scenes in Gods and Generals, but it thought it focused far too much on Stonewall Jackson
I found it less well-balanced than Gettysburg and a bit sluggish in parts

Time the watch them again, btw