Cinehollywood VHS

Are these old VHS tapes from Cinehollywood available anywhere? Love the logo. I know there is one for My Name Is Mallory.

Available as in commercially available? No one reprints these things today. Only on ebay you can find some of them and most of them are probably ex-rentals.

Massacre Time and The Price of Death were also released on Cinehollywood. There must be a lot more though.

Acquasanta Joe was on the Swedish market not too long time ago, not sure if it was really Cinehollywood, the cover said Whalters Video (Swedish VHS company from somewhere around early 80’s) but the tape said Cinehollywood.

Highly collectible label. You’ll need to fork out some cash for some of those babies.

Only have this Greek one myself:

Used to have the U.K pre-cert tape to Acquasanta Joe on Cinehollywood.

Nice BL and Ennioo! Does anybody know anything about the Mallory one? Looking for that one, and I’ll find it like a bounty hunter finds an outlaw ;)!

Here are some scans from tom, who used to visit this forum. I’m sure he won’t mind.

Thanks! It’s really too bad Tom left the forum :(.

Yeah, but he’s active on the cinehound forum. I’ve done some nice trades with him.
Some more stuff from him:

Some very nice covers their indeed. Wonder which is the most rare tape out of those…

Colorado Charlie is relatively easy to find and it’s probably the most common. Mallory must be the rarest of the bunch.

The one I’m looking for…

LOL… The only cinehollywood tape I’ve got is the Danish Mallory-tape which I know is quite scarce (maybe unique) in the Danish release.

This is starting to get really irritating…

One more SW on cinehollywood, They Called Him Amen with Luc Merenda