Cinecitta' 2014 Rome

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Maybe this is interesting for some people, a couple of years back, in 2014, me and my wife visited Cinecitta’. It was a guided tour (in English) with a small group of people. It was great to be there, you could feel the history of that place and the movies they made there. Found some Leone stuff in a little corner, and we visited the studio where Fellini used to live. Anyway, here are some pictures. I don’t know if it’s still the same overthere, but if you have the chance to visit Cinecitta’, I would higly recommend it. Ciao !


I went there in 2018 but they weren’t doing backlot tours unfortunately. Just able to visit the museum they have there which was interesting anyway although they are clearly much prouder of Fellini, De Sica and the like than the genre film directors. Leone is the only one who really gets any coverage. Definitely worth a visit though. And super easy to find. It has it’s own Metro station!


Wow, that is beautiful looking! That’s on my bucket list to see someday.

Some more pics. Most of them are from the set of the TV-series “Rome”.

![Afbeelding 185|666x499]


Wow, that is really beautiful!!! It all looks like it could’ve been built yesterday.

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This is awesome…thanks for posting!

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