Choose your very own Spaghetti Magnificent Seven

(Paco Roman) #21

My Magnificent Seven are more SW like. I wouldn’t trust any of them. :wink:

(Stanton) #22

The perfect SW Mag 7 would defend the village, then rob the village, then shooting themselves to pieces.

(scherpschutter) #23


(ENNIOO) #24

I can relate to this.

(Paco Roman) #25

At the end there wouldn’t be anyboy alive and the village would be burned. Maybe the last one would be LVC. He would ride away with a lot of gold and a big smile on his face. :slight_smile:

(Stanton) #26


(korano) #27

Maybe Scherp was confused about the English here. You’ve been worrying lately Stanton about english sentence structure I believe. Maybe you meant shoot each other to pieces.

If this isn’t the problem, I’m sorry.

(Tom B.) #28

Lee Van Cleef - He’s already had experience as Chris. Carries an arsenal in his bedroll.
Clint Eastwood - “Maybe the Most Dangerous Man Who Ever Lived”.
James Coburn - Also previous experience and an explosives expert.
Gianni Garko - Appears and disappears when need be which is good for spying on the enemy.
Franco Nero - Expert with a machine gun cleverly hidden in his coffin.
Maurizio Merli - Expert with tomahawk and handgun.
Bud Spencer - Power & Strength.

(korano) #29

Somebody’s got to give Gemma’s acrobatics there due.

(Pistolero08) #30

Lee Van Cleef-Chris
Terrance Hill-Vin
Franco Nero-Bernardo
Tomas Milian-Chico
Harry Luck-Bud Spencer
Britt-Woody Strode (has the look and could play the strong silent type I think)
Lee- Klaus Kinski (just because of that scene when he wakes up from the bad dream, I can see Kinski really taking advantage of a scene like that)

Calvera- Jose Bodalo

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #31

I forgot all about him! I would probably substitute him for Bud Spencer on my own personal seven.


Lee Van Cleef
Gianni Garko
Clint Eastwood
Peter Lee Lawrence
Tomas Milian
Franco Nero
George Hilton

Fighting against

Gian Maria Volonté
Klaus Kinski
George Eastman
Aldo Sambrell
Raf Baldassarre
Frederico Boido
Aldo Berti

(Pistolero) #33

Hi there! I’m new to the forum, but let me join in on this thread. :slight_smile:

My S.W. Magnificent Seven:

  1. Clint Eastwood
  2. Lee Van Cleef
  3. Henry Fonda
  4. Charles Bronson
  5. Gianni Garko
  6. Franco Nero
  7. Giuliano Gemma

Eli Wallach can stay as Calvera, he was great in that role lol.