Chingachgook: The Great Snake ( 1967 / Groschopp ),_die_grosse_Schlange

A tribe of indians is under the thumb of the white man and are starting to get cheesed off. Another tribe are getting fed up with the attitude of the first tribe. The future wife of the main man from the first tribe is kidnapped by the second tribe. Things are now a little heated and a trapper who has a house built on a lake also gets involved in things.

Story gets a little tedious after a while and everyone one in the film looks so sparkling clean that I could not take the film seriously.

Story does sound a lot American.

You’d be forgiven for thinking so but, remember, this was a DEFA western made by East Germans during the Cold War so actually they are implicitly anti American. The Americans (and British) are usually the bad guys in these films.

Ok, that’s good.

Some of these east german westerns are pretty good, even if this Chingachgook is maybe not one of them