Check out this band I found called Redwest they play Spaghetti Western Metal!

So I just found this newer band from Italy called Redwest and it is basically like cowboy metal, they call it Spaghetti Western Metal, it is kind of their style only and they have an EP out… It’s kinda like Johnny Cash meets a Power Metal band, it is not country music or redneck music by any means, it is more like gunslinger metal and they actually bring you into the old west… They are pretty good in my opinion and I found them by accident.


Their other songs are also good if you like this type of music…

Interesting, but not my thing.

Very very ugly! The Morricone’s Music is sacred! This is a sacrilege!

For me it’s not so much a question of being sacred or not, but being original, nothing new here, sounds like a lot of bands.

On the other hand I do like John Zorn approach on Morricone tunes.

here with Mike Patton

British goth-rockers Fields of the Nephilim pioneered what they called ‘spaghetti metal’ in the 1980s. Some of it still sounds good now.

Saw Fields live two months ago and they are still kicking ass.
There is no such thing as ‘spaghetti western metal’ as far as I am concerned. That Redwest track sounded more like early Fields than anything else, not much metal in it I’m afraid.

There was a time when Fields of the Nephilim spend so much time in Portugal and gave so many gigs even in the smallest towns that the rumour started that they were living isolated in a mountain house in the North of portugal among the wolfs ;D