Cheap box sets

(Sebastian) #101

yeah death rides a horse is out from MGM, for th eothers, there’s a german disc (see SWDB).

btw, watching it on the computer (unleass you use linux) has the same problems as a regular dvd player. all dvd drives have region codes.

(Stanton) #102

With Any DVD I can easily watch every DVD on my PC. Any DVD makes it code free.

For example I couldn’t watch the US DVD of A Minute to Pray on my TV nor on my PC. After checking it with Any DVD, no problemo. I also could burn it now to a region free DVD-R, and therefore I can watch it now also with my DVD Player on my TV. In this case the disc was a DVD 5 anyway, so there wasn’t any loss of quality.

(Sebastian) #103

yes if you have some tool to do it then yes :wink:
but at the same time, most regular dvd players can also be tricked… I was merely trying to caution against a generalization that dvd on computer would be without region problems, which some less tech-savvy users might infer

(Stanton) #104

I’m not sure, but I think everyone can download Any DVD for free.

Otherwise of course, you can switch the region codes on the PC, but only 5 times.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #105

With PC players it depends on what software you’re using, not what drive you have. VLC player is a free region free player.

(Hoover Valentine) #106

I found instructions on the internet on how to hack your current dvd or blu ray player and reset the region code to accept any or all regions. I havn’t tried it yet, alot of people seem to say it works.

(retask) #107

Almost all dvd-players can be hacked through a simple code on your remote. Never heard of any blu-ray players that can be made region-free that way. I myself have a region-free BD-player. But thats hardware moded.

(Hoover Valentine) #108

So you do know for a fact that this will work? I want to try it but am nervous that i might fuck up my player. I’ve got a samsung bdp1500 blu ray, I read online that someone did the remote hack on it but don’t know for sure.

(Hoover Valentine) #109

Also what time zone is this page on. I just posted and it said the time was 11pm, where i’m at it’s only 2pm.

(Sebastian) #110

should be Berlin time zone, but u can change that in your profile settings

(Hoover Valentine) #111

Thanks I’ll do that.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #112

Except for Sony players, which are notoriously unhackable for the most part.

(Silver) #113

Anyone know which films are actually included in the 10,000 Ways to Die: Spaghetti Western Collection set? Can’t find any info on it anywhere…

(Phil H) #114

I’m almost certain someone else asked about these a short while ago and I put a titles list up but I can’t for the life of me find the thread. :-
I’ll keep looking.

(Phil H) #115

Found it.
It was in the Bargain DVD thread, Silver.
Here’s the link, just scroll down.,1082.60.html

(Silver) #116

[quote=“Phil H, post:115, topic:786”]Found it.
It was in the Bargain DVD thread, Silver.
Here’s the link, just scroll down.,1082.60.html[/quote]

Thanks! I thought it may have been mentioned before but couldn’t find it >:(

(Major Clyde) #117

I think this is really good news. A perfect boxed set for someone just starting to explore beyond Leone, Corbucci and Sollima.

The Best of Spaghetti Westerns: In the Tradition of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Timeless Media Group, 2011)( I paid ~$25 including shipping)

– All but one is widescreen (although the box erroneously says fullscreen) and the picture quality is at least a couple of notches above ANY other (non-KochMedia) compilation set, most are quite good in fact.

– Ten DVDs, 20 films:

Una lunga fila di croci (97m)
Una bara per lo scerrifo (85m)
Une corde, un colt (87m)
All’ombra di una colt (78m)
Shanghai Joe (87m) and Return of Shanghai Joe (94m)
A Pistol for Ringo (94m)and The Return of Ringo (96m)
Those Dirty Dogs! (Campa carogna…) (86m)
Spara, gringo, spara (91m)
Gli fumavano le colt…Camposanto (89m)
$10,000 dollari per un massacro (93m)
Ringo: la volta della vendetta (98m)
Un dollaro bucato (91m)
Testa t’ammazzo…Croce sei morto…Alleluja (92m)
Sette dollari sul rosso (95m)
Bandidos (95m)
Forgotten Pistolero (80m)
Il ritorno di Clint il solitario (80m)
A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof (93m)

(ENNIOO) #118

Sounds a not bad set.

(Major Clyde) #119

So far I am very impressed.

(Stanton) #120

Phew, a really good starter pack.

Which one is full screen?