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Okay, does anybody know anything about the TGG direct 20 movie packs that are floating around Wal-Mart’s 5 Dollar bins?

Today I picked up “20 Wild Westerns-Marshals & Gunmen” which includes “Revenge of a Gunfighter” (a.k.a. The Mercenary), “Red Blood, Yellow Gold” and “Long Live Your Death”. I was wondering if anyone knew if the transfers on here are widescreen for these films. (I kinda would like to know before I open it;). I know from this board that TGG direct just recently released a double feature of “The Mercenary and God’s Gun” that is anamorphic widescreen on the first film. You see where I am going with this? If I can have the same print of The Mercenary for 10 dollars less, I am definitely game and I couldn’t care less about God’s Gun.

I also bought “20 Blazing Western Movies” out of the same bin which includes a John Ireland film that I am interested in called “A Taste of Death” along with “The Unholy Four”. Once again, if anybody knows if any of these films are in widescreen (doesn’t have to be 16x9, i’m fine with letterbox), please let me know so I can decide whether I should open these dvd’s or return them! Thanks a lot in advance for any info forthcoming. :slight_smile:

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Hey, Amigos. Has anyone bought these Django Collections?

I just stumbled upon them on Amazon. I haven’t seen about 3/4 of the films (I think!) and am considering picking them up if the films are watchable.

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First time I’ve seen them sets.

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I do actually remember seeing the first one on Amazon before but forgot about it until now! I did check the films on the database and found I had already watched all the ones worthwhile (maybe all, not sure) on other sets. Didn’t notice the second film set, but I have the feeling you can find better copies of what you’re looking for.

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Wrote down the common titles of the odd ones for each volume.
Vol 1:
Django the Runner: Massacre Time
Django, a Bullet for You: Dos Mil Dolares por Coyote (1st on DVD I believe)
Return of Django: Vengeance is a Colt 45
Pistol for Django: Django’s Cut Price Corpses
Vol 2:
$10000 for Django: $10000 for a Massacre (?)
Django Defies Sartana: Django Against Sartana
Django the Avenger: Texas, Addio (?)
Kill Django…Kill First (another first on DVD?)
Django Adios: Death is Sweet from a Soldier of God (Another first as well?)

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Quite sly how they put one of each title that isn’t already on disc in each set.

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Well from what I read they don’t even look worth it. What I thought was really sly was using the Netherlands title for Massacre Time. One might think they used the database’s alternate titles to label them…

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After actually sitting down and researching the films on the database, it turns out I own or have seen all but 2 of the films :stuck_out_tongue: . Stupid alternate titles. I was hoping that I hadn’t seen most of the films, but oh well.

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I picked up Vol. 2 hoping for the best with two new Django knockoffs to watch, but it turned out to be a huge let down. The two movies new to DVD look absolutely terrible. They’re widescreen, but compression/bad encoding render them almost unwatchable, even on my tiny old 15’’ Toshiba tube TV - the sky, the desert, and everybody’s hats (!) are just ugly blocky messes. As someone who’s seen his fair share of cheap and ugly DVDs, these poor films have the worst compression artifacts I’ve ever seen, bar none.

And then for some reason, these issues don’t effect the other films on the set, which to me look about average quality for your basic cheap multipack! Everything’s some manner of widescreen, at least. 3 films per single sided (unlabeled) disc.

As far as the alternate titles go:

10,000 Dollars For Django = 10,000 Dollars For a Massacre
Django Defies Sartana = Django and Sartana’s Showdown in the West
Django the Avenger = The Stranger’s Gundown (Guess they didn’t want to put “Django the Bastard” on their cover!)

The inclusion of Django Kills Silently along with Django and Sartana’s Showdown in the West makes me wonder if they swiped their transfers from Timeless Media’s Django double features. They’ve got Django’s Cut Price Corpses on Vol. 1 as well, and maybe A Man Called Django is skulking there under an alternate title as well.

At least I got a decent enough replacement for my copy of The Stranger’s Gundown on the Mill Creek 44 set with the bad audio. :-\

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[quote=“RamonRed, post:198, topic:786”]I finally found the info for the 20 film Spaghetti Western pack due October 16th that’s on Amazon.

Looks like it has the 8 films from their earlier release, and some interesting new films. I might pick it up just for the films I haven’t seen yet


Echo Bridge doesn’t seem to be nearly as canny about advertising and promotion as (for example) Mill Creek - I wouldn’t have found this set at all if I hadn’t read about it here! I picked it up after already getting the 4 pack titled “Some Dollars For Django” and after my initial grumbling over Echo Bridge’s endless recycling and repackaging, I was really impressed. For one thing, the case actually lists which films are widescreen, and their running times, which so far have been accurate (except for Buddy Goes West, which isn’t labeled as such but turned out to be some kind of cropped widescreen). Out of 20 films included, 14 are widescreen. Some great titles I hadn’t seen before, like Sartana Kills Them All, Little Rita of the West, and Tomas Milian’s Life is Tough, Eh Providence? I’m still making my way through the genre and it’s great to stumble across these films in a low cost budget pack, especially in presentable condition.

In a nice surprise I wasn’t expecting, the print used for Sundance Cassidy and Butch the Kid is under the original Italian title Vivi, o, preferibilmente, morti and even though it’s cropped to 4:3 the picture quality is a vast improvement over the other version I have on the Mill Creek 44 pack - image is sharper, colors are much nicer/not washed out. It runs 97 minutes to the Mill Creek version’s 93. There are some minor compression artifacts every so often. Bear in mind I’m not watching these on a high def setup, so your mileage may vary as far as picture quality goes, but I definitely feel like this set is a fantastic value overall.

Aside from bundling together Echo Bridge’s previous spaghetti packs, there’s a fifth disc with 4 of the usual Lee Van Cleef cheap box set westerns - Kid Vengeance, The Grand Duel, Death Rides a Horse, and God’s Gun. The Grand Duel is widescreen, from a shaky, crackling VHS with faded colors, with the insert title card during the opening credits. The others are the typical 4:3 crap quality public domain filler. So far these are the only films in the set that look so bad, thank god. All the other titles on the set are licensed from “Golden Star Films” so I figure this last disc was thrown in to round the set up to 20. Some guy on amazon has the same idea.

The biggest issue with this set is the disc storage: all 5 discs are just stacked on top of each other on a big spindle. Mill Creek pulled a similar stunt with their latest Kung Fu 12 packs, and I’m not a fan. It just seems like a recipe for scratches, especially since the discs aren’t numbered or in any particular order and you have to dig all of them out every time you want to find a title. I moved mine into a better 5 disc case with flipper trays. I may be neurotic about disc storage. :o

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Nah, I get really picky about disc storage too. Always shake new amazon purchases a little to make sure the discs haven’t popped out in transit. Only thing I have with a spindle though is the Dirty Harry 4 pack. Think I’m gonna go and get a new case now… ;D

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YEOP! Especially with double sided discs in so many cheapo packs. I liked the way Mill Creek did their spaghetti 12 packs, with the slimmer cases but the same paper envelopes as their 44 pack. “Floater” proof and not as likely to break as their big thick clamshells. But now I guess they’re moving onto spindles. >:( I suppose it’s more frustrating when “legitimate” companies come out with bad packaging, like that Dirty Harry 4 pack. Some friends of mine got the complete MAS*H on DVD and it turned out that the very spiffy looking set basically mangled the discs every time you took them out or put them back into their too-tight, cardboard backed slots! I’ve never run into anything that bad with spaghetti western DVDs at least.

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Thinking about it, Mill Creek is in kind of a weird place - they started out as just another PD bootlegger company, and now they’ve gone legit with big time licensed releases, those spaghetti blu-rays, and so on, but they still put out their cheap public domain (or “public domain” wink wink) packs with endless recycling and questionable prints and quality control - how many times now have they repackaged Django Kill … as Django Kills Silently? But their customer service has been amazing when I needed it, compared to other cheapo companies where it’s nonexistent. I mean, I think I’ve decoded that bizarre warning Videoasia puts on the bottom of all their releases to mean that you the viewer agree to take on any and all legal responsibility if there’s any problem with the film rights!

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Anyone have this one yet? it says it features films of Robert Woods, Jeff Cameron and George Eastman.

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These are the movies:

  • Django unerbittlich bis zum Tod - Cowboys and Vampires - Django tötet leise - Auch Djangos Kopf hat seinen Preis - Django vs. Zombies - Django - Tag der Vergeltung

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Django vs zombies? I wanna see this!

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I’d love to see a film where Robert Woods fights zombie gringos and bandits ;D ;D.

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Django vs Zombies =

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Django vs Zombies =

This feels like a stupid question to ask, but is that any good?