Cheap box sets

(Halleluja) #181

[quote=“RamonRed, post:157, topic:786”]According to Mill Creek’s site the movies are

Seven Devils on Horseback
7 Hours of Gunfire
Ride and Kill
The Shadow of Zorro
The Federal Man
Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows
Fistful of Lead (again!)
White Comanche (again!)
The Deserter
Django, Kill! (supposedly it’s with Eastman,Liana Orfei and Luciano Rossi, so I assume it’s Bill il taciturno?)
3 Bullets for Ringo
Dead for a Dollar

Here’s the link-[/quote]

Did anyone ever get this? I ordered it over the weekend (along with the 8 movie pack) so was just wondering what was in widescreen?

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Bad Lieutenant) #182

I’d love some screenies, if anyone has it and the time to do it.

(Provvidenza) #183

Seven Devils on Horseback 4:3

7 Hours of Gunfire 4:3

Ride and Kill 4:3

Shadow of Zorro 4:3

Federal Man 4:3

Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows 16:9

Fistful of Lead 4:3

White Comanche 4:3

The Deserter 4:3

Django. Kill! 16:9

3 Bullets for Ringo 16:9

Dead for a Dollar 4:3

This is an ALL Region DVD set, I’m happy, really cheap and quite a few SWs I haven’t seen before, recommended.

(Halleluja) #184

Thanks for these Provvidenza - still awaiting my copy to arrive!


(autephex) #185

A few decent looking prints in there. Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows looks like it may be comparable to the Wild East release

(RamonRed) #186

PQ isn’t too bad. I have half the films, but for under $10 I might pick it up. I found this on Amazon. Has anyone heard of this upcoming set? Not much info so far.

(Bad Lieutenant) #187

Thanks, Provvidenza.

(Phil H) #188

OK, it’s been bugging me all day. What other title might I know of ‘Federal Man’?
It just doesn’t ring any bells for me.

[quote=“Provvidenza, post:183, topic:786”]Federal Man 4:3


(scherpschutter) #189

That’s clear: FM = Fernando Mancho

(scherpschutter) #190

Apparently it’s this one:

(Provvidenza) #191

It’s this one[/url] I put some more snapshots on the films thread here [url=,1940.20.html],1940.20.html Federal Man is what its called on the boxset.

(scherpschutter) #192

Thank you Prov

(autephex) #193

Yeah, thanks for the shots… I love being able to compare screenshots from different releases- something that would be a wonderful addition to the SWDB

(scherpschutter) #194

I’ll do the St. Clair Vision Boxset, 9 films on 3 DVDs
Think I’ll make a document for the database

(lostprairiedog) #195

Thanks for the screenshots from “Ten Thousand More Ways To Die”, Provvidenza. It has been a great help and I think I might purchase this set just for the two anamorphic prints (not including Django Kill, since I have the Blue Underground release). Also, can anyone provide any information on which titles in Mill Creek’s 44-movie Spaghetti Western collection are letterboxed? This info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you fellow collectors!

(Phil H) #196

Ahh. Cheers.
I have a fansubbed version taken from the Spanish DVD. As I recall the other versions of the film are cut differently and give the film a completely different ending. Interested to hear what version this is.

(Provvidenza) #197

Unfortunalely it’s the Italian version, as described in the films thread, with the switched round flashback sequence at the begining. Or at least I think it is, quite tricky to follow as the editing doesn’t show who is speaking for many of the shots, an early attempt at a “first person shooter” perhaps. ::slight_smile:

SPOILER: The ending, the guy whose identity is hidden, reveals it just before he looses a gunfight in the saloon to the guy with the cattle brand on his back (Barret) (although we don’t actually see the gunfight). Barret leaves the saloon and is aproached by Elvis (The Federal Man) who says “…you’re under arrest, the charge is murder… …are you going to come along peacefully Barret?” Barret has a brief flash back along with premonitions of the gallows and replies “Never!”. So The Federal Man kills him.

(RamonRed) #198

I finally found the info for the 20 film Spaghetti Western pack due October 16th that’s on Amazon.

Looks like it has the 8 films from their earlier release, and some interesting new films. I might pick it up just for the films I haven’t seen yet


(Jonny Powers) #199

I picked up their 8 pack out of curiosity, now that I see this has pretty much everything on there I’m regretting it -.- But I did think the synopsis for Little Rita looks interesting. Saw this in the database, I might wanna give it a look xD

(RamonRed) #200

I hear you, JP. I hate it when they recycle the same movies over and over on these box sets. Still, if the price is cheap enough I’ll pick it up for the movies I haven’t seen yet. I’ll just give the 8 movie pack to my buddy. He likes Spags.