Charley One-Eye (Don Chaffey, 1973)

Wjhat do you thinkof this VERY unusual film. Not just an unusual western, but an unusual film. Very thematic with themes of friendship, racism, and so on. Very preachy and alegorical. But not really that good. Very violent. And one film I can think of where the down beat ending really ruined the film.

Two drifters meet and hole up in a desterted church and face trouble with angry locals and a deranged, racist bounty hunter.

Starring Richard Roundtree (Shaft), and Roy Thinnes.

A US/UK/Spainish co production

Very interesting film and well made. Perhaps the best role Roundtree has done in my view, and Nigel Davenport is effective.

Hmm… I was not aware of this film. Will have to check it out, sounds like a good one

Didn’t really like it, I’m more or less with Korano on this one (too allegorical, preachy and slow-moving), the part with Davenport is effective, though: easily the best part of the movie

It’s maybe not as bad as some think. I’ve watched it a coupla times now. Once on vid, and again when I transferred the vid to dvdr. Better second time around. Wish I could attatch piccies tho’ cos it’s got a good cover. (Unfortunately this technology still is not available.)

cool, gettin a copy now… will report back…

It’s a terrible film and very very slow. Did you spot Edward Woodward in a cameo role as the general

Just viewed this one again via the U.K dvd. Some places say the disc is in 2.35, but the actual disc is about 1.33, so full frame for me :grinning: .Still an interesting film for me. At first you may think this is a racist film, but as the film moves along I do not think its so. Its about an unusual friendship. Some stark violent moments in the film, and the film may be slow to some, but if you get into the mood of the film I do not think thats so. One of those films that will stay in my head for a while, and thats a good thing for me as really enjoyed this one again.

This is a good one in my opinion. I like most of the British westerns.

Just released on DVD in France by Alignan-du-Vent-based company artus films under the French title Charley le borgne. Presumably the same version as on the UK DVD.

Talk of this recently in the Shalako thread made me dig out my DVD and give it a spin.
It is slow but for me in a good way and I came away with genuine positive feelings about it. Definitely not a film that falls into the “slavishly copying” category that I think some other British westerns have been guilty of. It’s an odd film in parts so I guess will always be a marmite film. Luckily I really like marmite.

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  • UK informal : something or someone that some people like very much and other people dislike very strongly:

He is something of a Marmite presenter - you either love him or you can’t bear him.

Yes, I should have explained that idiom. Thanks Scherp

Always nice to learn new idioms